Trey Songz is an R&B lothario - if the genre ever before had one. Besides being blessed v an angel-like falsetto, his dimples garner the capacity to woo any woman in sight.
Discovered at talent shows approximately the early-2000s, Trey burst right into the mainstream scene through his 2005 debut "Gotta do It." after initial success, that went on to transform himself into a staple amongst the R&B listeners.Playing to his strengths, the Neighbors Know mine Name singer maintains a Playboy image. For their part, female pan shipped his every relationship.

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Girlfriend & date History

A lover in ~ heart, Trey first-ever public romance was with an Ethiopian dancer named Helen. The lovebirds started dating in May 2007, but eventually parted methods in October 2008. In 2009, the Can"t be Friends hitmaker dated no one however four women: celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie, actress drew Sidora, fact star Tahiry Jose and singer Keri Hilson.Related to Keri:- Is Samuel Soba"s Married Life A total Mystery? well-known For having Keri Hilson As WifeInterestingly, the year 2009 also marked the start of Trey"s 5 years lengthy on & off relationship with actress Lauren London. While still through now-ex girlfriend Lauren, his name got romantically attached with models simply Jess, Tabby Brown, Iesha Marie, and also singer Ciara. Following the split in late-2013, Lauren began dating rapper Nipsey Hussle if Trey continued his find of potential mam prospects.Between 2014 and 2016, the Bottoms Up crooner shared romantic ties through singer Mila J, model Tanya, reality star Khloe Kardashian, and also model-turned-author Brittany Renner.

Married to Wife?

Trey"s romance through Brittany Renner resurfaced in late-2018. The R&B singer accused cheated ~ above his then-girlfriend Lori Harvey through the "Judge, This Cover" author. Come those unfamiliar, Lori Harvey is the daughter the Steve and also Marjorie Harvey. She is also the ex-wife of netherlands soccer-star Memphis Depay. Besides Trey, she has dated rappers Future and Justin Combs.
Trey Songz with then-girlfriend Lori Harvey together during the 2019 NYE celebration (Photo:- summer of 2019 kicked around, Trey and once-wife prospect Lori were no longer dating. By then, the Already Taken hitmaker was already busy with daddy duties. May that year, he ended up being a first-time dad after welcome a son called Noah.Sharing the photo of his child via Instagram, Trey declared that he and also his newborn"s organic mother to be happy. At the time, that refrained indigenous sharing more about his baby mama.

Brother, real Name & Age

Per his date of birth, Trey Songz rotate 34 year of period on 28th November 2018.Born v the real name Tremaine Aldon Neverson, the Simply Amazing singer hailed from a single-parent household. As his father Claude Neverson Jr. Exit the family, he grew increase in the guardianship the his mother April Tucker.April remarried as soon as Trey to be 11. His mom and also step-dad are the parents of his half-brother Forrest Tucker and half-sister Nikki Tucker.

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Thor"s Brother: Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus, Split, WeddingTen years junior to Trey, Forrest an initial garnered fame as the artist"s younger brother. All many thanks to his good looks, the eventually started amassing an impressive following on society media.
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