Bob Dylan celebrates his birthday this particular day (May 24), and while he’s regarded as someone who detailed a soundtrack for a generation, he’s additionally one of plenty of artists who’ve listed the soundtrack come a TV series, specific its layout song.

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In honor of his birthday, below are five an excellent existing songs supplied as TV themes.

“Forever Young” – Parenthood

Before This is Us and the Pearsons, there to be Parenthood and also the Bravermans, an equally emotionally rollercoaster of a family. Dylan’s “Forever Young” in ~ times carried some lot needed levity come the show.

Parenthood opened Credits

HD version of the opening credits and theme track for the show, Parenthood, through NBC Universal. The song is Forever Young, sang through Bob Dylan. Enable CC to view lyrics.

“A little Help From my Friends” – The Wonder Years

Between the above Joe Cocker cover and the home video clip imagery, this can be among the best opening location sequences in TV history.

The Wonder Years opening Credits and also Theme Song

This is the opening credits and also theme song from season 1 that the hit present \"The Wonder Years.\" Lots much more to come, request her favorite.

“My Life” – Bosom Buddies

Who could forget around Bosom Buddies?! Not just was the Tom Hanks’ an initial big acting gig, it also featured Billy Joel’s “My Life” as the theme, since like Hanks, The Piano man was just dying for his large break in 1980. (Kidding, the course!)

Bosom Buddies original Intro design template Song

“Bad Reputation” – Freaks & Geeks

A cult classic that was criminally canceled after one season, Joan Jett & the Blackheart’s “Bad Reputation” helped set the tone for this coming-of-age series.

Freaks and Geeks template Song

The tune \"Bad Reputation\" through Joan Jett and the Blackhearts was provided as the theme song for NBC\"s quick lived, however critically acclaimed TV present \"Freaks and also Geeks\".

“Love and also Marriage” – Married…with Children

This is probably the ideal example the TV design template song/TV series juxtaposition, and also for that, us say, “Whhhooooaaa Bundy!”

Married with youngsters opening

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