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When I have my tail-lights on mine brake lights remain frozen on. As you deserve to imagine, this is nice dangerous. The odd thing is that everything is normal in the daytime once my tail-lights room off and also this has left me a bit confused.I changed a brake bulb around 4 or 5 months ago and it has actually been yes sir (even though it to be a cheap, tacky thing). Could it be the wiring? Or is it the ECU? I"ve read also about switches top top the brake pedal could be the problem? I"d dislike to take the auto to a garage and also be fee a fortune for a job I could do quickly myself.In the meantime I"m continuing to be out that the auto at night together I don"t want somebody ramming right into the back of me or be pulled end by the coppers.Any assist or advice would be lot appreciated.Thanks.Steve


I had that around 2 weeks earlier while in turning back only. The reverse lights wouldn"t work but the brake lights went on by themselves. Ns did have a water leak in the behind light (hatchback). I think as soon as I had actually the light apart ns must have somehow messed the wiring up. The brake switch seems to be an easy fix although ns didn"t need to do mine. Native the study I go it should be a DIY job. My rear lights are additionally aftermarket, that"s why I pointed out the wiring. It"s no a stock connection.By the way, friend only require to write-up the trouble in one area. I view you posted in Exterior and also Lighting also.

to!!!!!!!duplicate thread sucki combined the 2 because you acquired replies in go kinda sound like the switch. Cheap replacement! contact Mike at Hilbish Ford in ~ 18008490233. That will acquire you what girlfriend need.good luckoh snap, i simply realized her on the various other side the the creek. If you can dial a us number, im sure your local stealership will help you out.
Thanks for the welcome folks.I to be told by the dealers that it was most likely a "rogue bulb" so I readjusted them all however the trouble is quiet occuring.I currently tend to think what you every say around the brake pedal move so I have booked the automobile into the dealers early on Thursday morning. Ns knw that couldbe a DIY job yet I understand chuff all about cars I"m afraid and tiny jobs prefer this usually price me a fortune.I"ll permit you understand what the diagnosis and also cure is (was).Nice to be here, thanks.
Just got ago from the Ford Dealers. The difficulty was a bent bulb holder would certainly you believe? Anyway, ns was lucky because the holder could be repaired rather of them having to to the right a brand-new unit which would have actually been expensive. In the end it only price £40 so ns was well chuffed!Oh yes, the problem I had actually was also causing my sidelights come come on as soon as I braked and it consequently blew one of the bulbs. I managed to replace that myself - see I"m no a full dork where repairs go!his LOL.Thanks again!
i had a diff problem where i had actually brake lights yet no running lights in rear, no dash lights, no patent plate lamp or parking lights. It to be a quick in the turn signal switch. 45 bucks native MassiveSpeed and 10 minute to fix. Take it 4 month to number out. Probably you can find an honest shop come diagnose it and you perform the repairs. Might cost you $100. Much better than obtaining rammed.
Brake lights on, found broken wires in the hatch wires.
I had the very same brake lamp on or no working. And found a write-up where the male found broken wires in the exploit at the behind hatch hinge. Ns checked and also found 2 broken wires and also the insulation cracked on the other. Resoldered the 2 wires and taped the others, the rubber sheathe does not fit together it is a tight fit yet all lights room working. 2002 focus se wagon. Thanks to every for the postings, conserved me a pilgrimage to the dealer.

I understand it"s too late now.....but. If you had a poor brake lite switch, the brake lights would have been continuing to be on every the time, not simply when the tail lights to be on. That tail light thing was the had actually a bulb difficulty or a wiring problem, i beg your pardon the dealer figured out. What reasons this is the dual-filament bulb.....a tail light and also a brake irradiate sharing a common ground.

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