The Ford sheet is a mid-size crossover SUV, and also it was first produced in 2006 because that the 2007 design year.

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The Edge has been well-received by drivers worldwide, especially in America and also China, where sales continue to skyrocket.

Modern Ford edge models, like most other vehicles, room equipped through a crucial fob that helps to regulate the vehicle remotely.

In this article, we’ll discover the Edge crucial fob’s functions and also hidden tricks girlfriend should try with it.


Ford Edge vital Fob Buttons, Functions and also Tricks

The an essential fob, additionally known together the far control, functions five different buttons represented by images. The buttons include the lock button, unlock button, remote start button, Liftgate button, and also a scare alert button.

The lock and also unlock button, as the name implies, is supplied to lock and unlock the vehicle.

The Remote start button enables you to start the engine when you press the button two time within 3 seconds.

The panic alarm button, as soon as punched, kicks off a scare alarm if the liftgate button opens the liftgate remotely.

The crucial fob has a backup an essential blade the can also be supplied to lock and also unlock the car. To gain it out, all you have to do is beat the switch on the passive key.

The Ford Edge also includes a keyless entry device which lets you lock and unlock her Edge there is no a key.

As long as your vital is in ~ a 3ft distance of the vehicle; you can lock and unlock it making use of the sensors top top the door handles.

The lock sensor is situated at the door handle’s exterior, and also the unlock sensor is behind it.

Did you recognize you could likewise get your home windows down remotely? Well, if girlfriend didn’t, follow the actions below.

All you should do is hold the lock switch for a few seconds to role the windows up. Come wind down, obtain your fingers under a little and push the unlock switch for a few seconds.

Please keep in mind that this trick may be limited to the former windows.

How lot Does an Extra vital Cost?

Getting one extra crucial will price you around $150-$320, and certain factors directly influence the cost.

They incorporate the key type, who you obtained the replacement from (locksmith, dealer, or online shop), and also model year.

Whether it’s for a house, office, cabin, or vehicle, one extra key always come in handy. Getting a spare vital is specifically useful if you have lost your vital or simply trying to take precautions.

You can visit your dealer or contact an auto locksmith to get a instead of key.

My sheet Car an essential Is no Detected

Sometimes you try to lock/unlock her car and you obtain a slow an answer or no response at all. This is likely because of 2 things: a short battery or a fully dead battery.

If you need to lock or unlock the auto urgently, gain your key blade the end of the crucial fob.

You deserve to then open your car with the vital blade and adjust the crucial fob battery afterward.

Which Batteries perform Ford Edge tricks Use?

For the Ford Edge’s newest models, the crucial fob is compatible through the 3volt CR2450 Lithium battery.

Ford edge models indigenous 2017 and also older use the CR 2032 Lithium battery.

Check below for the ideal Ford Edge key batteries top top Amazon. 

Can You adjust the an essential Battery Yourself?

To acquire the battery the end of a dead crucial fob, the very first thing you should do is get the detachable key blade out.

The 2nd step is twisting the ring coin under the detachable vital head; this will eliminate the cover.

Once the sheathe is removed, you have the right to then acquire the battery out with a little screwdriver.

Now that you have actually the old battery out, you have the right to insert the brand-new one carefully. Once doing this, make certain the + authorize is facing north and also ensure that is well-fitted.

After act that, you have the right to then put back the cover and re-insert the key blade.

What to Do as soon as the crucial Is grounding In Ignition?

Being can not to get your crucial out the the ignition can put a dent on a perfect-looking day.

A an essential could get stuck due to a number of reasons. They include a bent key, rusted key, dirt-ridden key, or a defective ignition.

When you space in this situation, the number-one priority is to gain the crucial out.

One means to carry out that is by adding lubricants around the ignition and on the key. Twist the vital gently together you do this, and you should have actually the an essential out in no time.

If that doesn’t work, you could have the towed come a business center or contact for an automotive locksmith.

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10 Popular key Fob consist of (Compatible v Edge)

Key Fob covers can help protect her Edge vital Fob from damage or direct call with harsh surfaces. The list listed below contains 10 the the many popular an essential fob covers because that the Ford Edge:

Generies Ford key Fob CoverAihok key Fob CoverElohei Ford key CoverAlegender Blue soft key fob CaseCoolbestda 5-button an essential Fob CoverMofei crucial Fob covering CaseStstar Smart crucial CaseVitodeco animal leather Smart key FobBinfhong Remote vital Fob CoverLongzheyu key Fob Protector

Click right here for the best prices for Ford Edge key fob consist of on Amazon.

How to Find key Codes for shed Keys

If you’ve lost your keys, the just solution is to obtain a replacement from a locksmith or an authorized Ford dealership.

To reduced a new key, the technician will need your crucial code.

You can examine the owner’s manual and other files for the key code.

If friend don’t have actually that, you can get your VIN number and also take it to the dealership instead. The VIN number will help the experts retrieve your key code and build you another key.

You can obtain your VIN number from the complying with locations:

Driver’s side doorBeneath the driver’s next of the windscreenInsurance Card and Title Records

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What to perform If vital Won’t Turn

Your vital refusing to rotate is likely since you have the wrong key or her steering wheel is locked.

If that the former, the obvious solution is to gain the ideal key.

 If you’re certain you have actually the ideal key, girlfriend can shot to jiggle the steering and twist the an essential simultaneously.

A dead battery can likewise prevent your crucial from transforming in the ignition.

Additionally, the vital won’t rotate in cars through an automatic transmission if the equipment is not in neutral or park.

My vital Won’t go in the Ignition

If you room having difficulty getting your vital into the ignition, then something can be wrong with the an essential or the ignition.

It’s possible you have the not correct key, and also if not, the vital could be extended with debris. Your key won’t go into the ignition if there is things or bit in the ignition hole.

Below space three points you have to do anytime you challenge this issue:

Thoroughly study the an essential to watch if there is a subtle twist or damage on it.Remove all forms of dirt from the vital and clean the holes.Have a look at the ignition feet to view if anything is grounding in it. If over there is anything, you might blow air right into it or just have an experienced handle it.

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What to perform If tricks Are Locked in a Ford Edge

The latest Ford sheet models space equipped v intelligent accessibility and a clever unlock feature.

The attribute ensures the you never ever lock your smart crucial in the car.

If that your simple ignition key that is locked in, friend can always unlock the vehicle with your crucial fob.

Ford edge MyKey Explained

MyKey is a system introduced by Ford come encourage for sure driving, particularly for teenagers. It is accessible in numerous Ford models, consisting of the Ford Edge.

Ford’s MyKey has a variety of driving modes and they are listed as follows:

Seatbelt Reminder: This driving setting deactivates the audio mechanism until front occupants have their seatbelts on.Low Fuel Warning: MyKey sends continuous warnings when it senses the the vehicle is running the end of gasSpeed Limit: This allows you come preset a rate limit and also puts increase warning tones if your car hits the collection speed.Audio Volume Limit: The Audio Volume limit mode allows you to preset a best volume. It puts increase a warning on the screen if you shot to go beyond the limit.

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Satellite Radio Filter: MyKey blocks radio stations that broadcast clear or adult content.

To develop a MyKey, follow the measures below:

Put your crucial in the ignitionTurn top top the ignitionGo to the details display and also click on the key menuFind the Mykey option, adjust the settings and also select “Create MyKey”When the “OK” button pops up, organize it till you get a new message around making your key a MyKeyTurn turn off the ignition, close her driver’s door and open that againOnce you placed the vital back in, the MyKey is successfully activated

If her Edge has a push button start, here’s what you have to do:

Switch on the ignition with a keySelect the “main menu” ~ above the display and also select “MyKey”Open the storage compartment lidRemove the trayPlace her smart crucial in the backup slotSelect “Create MyKey” and also press “OK”Hold “OK” until you get the label article