A five-year-old boy has actually sworn turn off chicken nuggets after that was offered a near-raw six fill from a McDonald's journey Thru ~ above the NSW south coast on Wednesday night.

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Riley Luke's dinner indigenous the Woonona restaurant looked typical at an initial but to be strangely "soft" when he little it.


Bad taste: Riley and also his mommy Tracy external the McDonald"s.Credit:Kirk Gilmour

He alerted two of his brothers, who additionally sampled the pink poultry.

Together castle ate about fifty percent a nugget before their mother, Tracy Luke, responded to their calls and also told them: "Don't eat that!"


Raw in the middle: the chicken nuggets.

Mrs Luke said: "These chicken nuggets, ns swear they've gone in the oil and also they've barisalcity.orge straight back out again.

"I thought, lock can't execute this - this could kill someone."

The mom of 4 said the Woonona keep manager called her, "Oh, sorry ... We've had one more one barisalcity.orgplain around that" once she returned later that night and also asked because that a refund.

She said she was later on contacted by one area manager, that told she the error more than likely lay with "a young kid" working at the restaurant and asked her to eliminate a photo of the uncooked food she had posted ~ above a facebook page dubbed Name, Shame and also Praise Illawarra.


She refused.

"I'm livid. Mine son's epileptic also - he could have possibly passed away from this," granny Luke said.

"I stated I won't until something's done.

"I simply don't want this to occur to who else."

Neither Riley no one his brothers take it ill in the barisalcity.orgplying with days.

Mrs Luke has because barisalcity.orgplained to McDonald's head office.

A McDonald's spokeswoman said the Illawarra Mercury the agency was investigating.

"We room disappointed that this has happened," she said. "We are at this time investigating this v the restaurant and liaising through the client directly."

Uncooked chicken is naturally contaminated with bacteria consisting of salmonella, listeria and campylobacter, i m sorry can cause food poisoning.

Lydia Buchtmann, spokeswoman because that the Food Safety info Council, said chicken required to be cooked all the means through, until it was 75 levels in the centre, to death the bacteria.

"People shouldn't consume chicken if it appears uncooked," she said.

"There room an approximated 5.4 million instances of food poisoning in Australia every year."

A spokeswoman for the NSW Food Authority stated food poisoning can be particularly serious for kids under five, pregnant women, civilization with endangered immune systems and also the over-70s.

"Whether you get ill counts on the level the contamination, how much you ate and your an individual situation," the spokeswoman said.

The Food government said difficulties should at very first be report to the organization from whereby the food was purchased. barisalcity.orgplaints were best directed barisalcity.orge the neighborhood council.

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Illawarra Mercury

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