Airbus A319Airbus A320 (sharklets)Airbus A320-100/200Airbus A320neoAirbus A321 (sharklets)Airbus A321-100/200Airbus A321neoBoeing 737-800

Philadelphia to mountain Juan flight Schedule

Scan with all non-stop flights native Philadelphia to san Juan.The full flight schedule below gives an overview of every non-stop flights indigenous PHL to SJU, which consists of the everyday timetable that every operation airline because that the upcoming 12 months.

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Note: for airline-specific flight schedules, you re welcome scroll more down.

Airlines paris from Philadelphia to san Juan

Airline-specific flight schedules from Philadelphia to san Juan

In complete there room 4 airlines operating nonstop flights from Philadelphia PHL to san Juan SJU.This section gives an overview of the trip schedules and timetables that every airline with straight flights for this route.

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Philadelphia to mountain Juan Flights

Flights indigenous PHL to SJU space operated 27 time a week, with an average of 4 flights per day.Departure times vary between 00:01 - 23:59. The earliest flight departs at 00:01, the last trip departs at 23:59. However, this counts on the date you room flying for this reason please inspect with the full trip schedule above to check out which exit times are accessible on your preferred date(s) that travel.

You have the right to fly in Economy and also Business Class. Premium economic climate and very first Class space not accessible on this course (at the very least not as a non-stop flight).

The fastest direct flight from Philadelphia to mountain Juan take away 4 hours and also 2 minutes.The trip distance in between Philadelphia and San Juan is 1,579 mile (or 2,541 km).

There are 2 airports in mountain Juan: louis Muñoz Marín international Airport (SJU) and also Fernando louis Ribas Dominicci plane (SIG).

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American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue and also Spirit Airlines are flying nonstop native Philadelphia to mountain Juan.

Aircraft species that paris from Philadelphia to mountain Juan:Airbus A319Airbus A320 (sharklets)Airbus A320-100/200Airbus A320neoAirbus A321 (sharklets)Airbus A321-100/200Airbus A321neoBoeing 737-800