Flattery Will get You nowhere Meaning

Definition: Complimenting who won’t help you accomplish what you desire from him or her.

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Origin of Flattery Will get Your Nowhere

The warning against flattery is fairly old, but this certain expression is rather new.

For example, Aristophanes (388 B.C.), Cato (175 B.C.), and also Cicero (45 B.C.) are just three famous ancients who warned versus flattery, however the phrase flattery will get your i do not have anything originates from the mid-1900s.

A contrasting expression is flattery will gain you everywhere. It is unclear i m sorry one come first.

Flattery is another word because that compliments offered to someone. Some civilization like being flattered, and therefore are more susceptible to perform favors because that the world who are saying nice things to them.

However, other human being are fully against this practice. These species of human being are the persons most most likely to say flattery will obtain you nowhere. They expect to make clear that they will stick to their ethics regardless of any type of compliments.

Examples that Flattery Will acquire Your Nowhere

In the conversation below, two friends are at a nightclub.

Tina: Keanu, friend look great tonight! an extremely handsome!

Keanu: Um, thanks.

Tina: The blue in your shirt really brings the end the color of your eyes. Wow, ns so thirsty. I could really usage a margarita.

Keanu: Listen, I know what you doing. Flattery will acquire you nowhere.

Tina: I’m sure I don’t recognize what you’re talking about.

Keanu: you’re complimenting me in stimulate to make me an ext inclined come buy girlfriend a drink. Well, it’s no going come happen. I don’t have sufficient cash come buy my own drink, so you’re on her own.

In this example, two friends are stating the romantic troubles that among them is handle with.

Jonah: i really prefer this girl, Tracy.

Tatiana: I recognize her. She awesome.

Jonah: I save telling her how beautiful she is, yet she still won’t walk on a day with me.

Tatiana: Flattery will acquire you nowhere through her. If you want to day her you need to prove that you room an interesting person. She cares more about an amazing personality 보다 compliments.

More Examples

This excerpt is about a golfer.

The second example is native an article about rulings by the IRS ~ above self-employment income.

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Q: This to be awesome. Really informative. Dare I say, you’ve readjusted the trajectory of my career. I have to ask, what space the last three cases/rulings on your list?


The idiom flattery will obtain you nowhere means that it doesn’t matter just how nicely you talk about someone, due to the fact that that human still won’t grant you any favors.