Height:16-21 inches
Weight:9-14 pounds
Lifespan:15-20 years
Colors:Flame point
Suitable for:Families and companionship, v or without other pets
Temperament:Dignified, caring, intelligent

The Flame point Siamese Cat (also known as Red allude Siamese) is a rare type of Siamese cat bred to exhibition a red colorpoint pattern. That called plenty of different surname worldwide, and also some cat registries don’t register it in ~ all, selecting instead to brand it a red colorpoint shorthair. These cats love attention and also will reciprocate that attention by climbing and also sitting on you constantly.

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The Flame allude Siamese – before You Buy…

Image Credit: Kelley Varisco, Shutterstock

What’s the Price the Flame suggest Siamese Cat?

Red point Siamese cats deserve to vary quite drastically in price. Us often discover them in between $400 and also $1000, but they have the right to go approximately $2000 relying on where you live and other factors. If the parents are show quality cats, that will boost the expense significantly. A much more reputable breeder will charge more than a less recognized one, and it might be difficult to develop these extremely rare cats, requiring an ext than one try. Because they room so rare, it’s not an extremely likely to uncover one up because that adoption, however that shouldn’t discourage friend from checking. If successful, you can purchase one at a far-ranging discount.


3 Little-Known Facts about Flame suggest Siamese Cat

1. These Cats space the Rarest of the Siamese Breed

It’s incredibly complicated to accomplish the red fire color and also even more an overwhelming to breed out the face’s tabby lines.

2. They Did no Breed Red allude Cats until the 1930s

In the 1930s, numerous breeders functioned for several years to perfect the breed, and it took numerous attempts.

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3. 75% of all Flame point Siamese Cats room Male

It’s unsure why, yet it’s amazing to suggest out that most Flame allude Siamese cats room male.