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Apparently part SITES choose TO STEAL my FLASH movie WITHOUT mine PERMSSION! you WEBMASTERS simply EMAIL ME IF YOU desire TO organize THE damn FLASH! dont STEAL that ITLL JUST get ME PISSED! I.E. Joystickflash.com through NO call INFO

~The Halo2 Challenge!~ Me and My friend Kazesan space l33t in halo2 so if you think you can beat us go front! If you win ill short article the stats in my movie and admit defeat, but YOU have to NOT mod STANDBY OR DO any CHEAP ingredient OR ELSE! right here is mine account BDXTh3K1ng include FFSX in your blog post so ns dont deny you

Read the article below for necessary info. Also if the screen is white dont issue its loading. That cuz of bandwidth!

Hey if ya wanna view my following movie previews join my court at the website in ~ the finish of the movie!!

Once again details people not learn. I didnt steal this indigenous squeakyzone. Ns didnt even know that provided already. THE writer OF THE collection IMED ME and HE said IT was OK I know HIM and THE series IS GOING come BE called FINAL FANTASY SONIC X SO next TIME THINK B4 you SPEAK! as well as in the following episode ns going come working with his friend that make ssprites in the next one!

Look out for last Fantasy Sonic X: Ep.2 comes to fight the portal

UPDATE: listen people. Protect against sayin this is no a FF movie cuz it isnt Its a FF ~*STYLE*~ ont u travel and pick up diff chars? fine this is what ns did ok! other than ther native diff gamings series!


UPDATE: daily Second?!?!? now THATS what ns talkin about!!!! I favor to say thanks to Katocan, Nick Landi, BillBob, LgdVegetto, ImagineBall (sorry), ANIME DRAGON0 (sorry again!) and also Xanadu32 for aid and inspiration!

And among the most Important civilization i would favor to give thanks to is MajinTobias. His story format has gained stuck and also made me creat a an excellent storyline. Also though he could be composing the rest

Update: OmG you can HIT get in INSTEAD that CLICKING!!! read WHT i POSTED right AFTER THE main MENU!!

I need another storywriter because that the series! ns me if ya desire to be one or sign up with my team.

http://s6.invisionfree.com/super_smash_allstarsGo here and sign up because that my forums!

Please keep in mind you deserve to foward throught the message using Enter. Hold it down will just make you speed through it. And if ya do that not complain about there is no storyline to it. The fight is somewhat Interactive.

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