Travel eastward indigenous Kalm towards the Chocobo Farm. You have the right to use the map below to help guide you come the location yet essentially the Chocobo farm yard is the only location you can at this time travel to.

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Speak to one of the Chocobos in the pen once you come at the enntrance gate to the farm. Respond through “Wark” and the Chocobos will certainly all do a small dance. Later on the Chocobo the you warked in ~ will give you your first summon Materia which is dubbed Choco/Mog Materia.


Choco/Mog is a great summon to usage this beforehand in the game and also it can help you wrap increase fights fairly quickly. The being said, if you setup on using summons rarely or not at all, you must avoid equipping Choco/Mog or various other summon Materia together you come across it.

Fledgling Summoner

friend can attain the Fledgling Summoner Trophy by using a Summon Materia. This method that girlfriend can achieve the trophy currently that you have actually the Choco/Mog Summon Materia.


Trophies room optional success that you have the right to unlock by completing details tasks in the PS4 variation of the game. A full list of the trophies that you can acquire can be uncovered in the Trophies Section.

Summon Materia will raise her Magic and MaxMP however will minimize your character’s HP for this reason be mindful of balancing your character’s stats properly. Check out the Materia Stat Effects web page for an ext information.

Talk come the male inside the house and also tell him the you are interested in crossing the marsh. His surname is Choco Bill and also he will certainly tell you the the best method to get through the marsh and also past the creature that lurks in ~ (the Midgar Zolom) is to capture and ride a Chocobo. He then instructs girlfriend to speak to Choco Billy, his son, that is situated in the barn.

Choco Billy is located on the southern side the the barn once you enter. You can ask him around where and also how to capture a Chocobo if you’d like, however essentially you will need a attract (which is in reality a kind of Materia referred to as Chocobo lure Materia).

You deserve to purchase the Materia from him directly for 2,000 gil. Friend will also need to feeding the Chocobo some Greens in bespeak to save it occupied. Chocobo Billy sell 6 different species of Greens:

Gysahl Greens which store a Chocobo lived in for 2 turns in battle
Krakka Greens which mitigate a Chocobos possibilities of running away in fight to 33.3% every turn
Tantal Greens which keep a Chocobo occupied for 3 transforms in battle
Pahsana Greens which mitigate a Chocobos possibilities of to run away in battle to 20% every turn
Curiel Greens which save a Chocobo lived in for 5 transforms in battle
Mimett Greens which keep a Chocobo inhabited for 1 rotate and permits the Chocobo to use Chocobobuckle

Chocobuckle is a relocate that you can learn through your

foe Skill Materia but the steps for obtaining it can be very difficult. Inspect out the Final Fantasy Wikia page on Chocobuckle for much more information though only the many die-hard fans need to go after Chocobuckle. It’s really not worth the effort.


The finest Greens to purchase are Curiel Greens. Castle are relatively expensive but they remove any type of randomness from recording a Chocobo uneven the Greens that alleviate the Chocobo’s opportunities of to run away. Castle will also keep the Chocobo in ar for the longest lot of time (5 of the Chocobo’s turns).

Exit the Chocobo Farm and also equip the Chocobo entice Materia on among your characters. Take trip close come the Chocobo footprints surrounding to the farm until you encounter a battle which contains a Chocobo.

Select the “Item” command in battle and also throw the Green(s) the you purchased to the Chocobo to save it occupied and also then take treatment of the remaining enemies. ~ the fight you will have successfully caught your very first Chocobo!

There are no random opponent encounters at any type of time while you are an installed on your Chocobo for this reason feel totally free to wander about all you like. You have the right to still be assaulted by the Midgar Zolom as you cross the swamp therefore be cautious when girlfriend cross and also run it far from it when it chases you.

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There is a fast scene in front of the cave before Cloud and also the remainder of the team enter. Walk previous the Midgar Zolom to continue on to the cavern leading right into the Mythril Mine.