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Answer: Brain

“Fathead” might be one old and not-so-nice insult, yet it turns out the it’s not entirely inaccurate and additionally a little bit ironic. Once it comes best down come it, we’re every fatheads: the brain is the fattest organ in the human body and is jeopardized of about 60 percent fat.

The irony in the insult comes into play once you take into consideration the objective of that fat. Unlike body fat the is stored as food reserves, the fat in your mind is extremely specialized. The brain is packed v a fat substance well-known as myelin. The myelin serves together an electric insulator that encases the axons of part nerve cells and also protects them from each other the same method that the plastic casing of electrical wiring keeps them native shorting out.

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Fats, in addition to protecting our nerves favor insulators, also serve as messengers within the mind wherein lipid messengers send signals in between cells. It’s specifically because we are, well, fatheads that the human mind is such a marvel of cognition and processing.