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Christian Eriksen\"s 11 2nd strike for Tottenham versus Manchester united on Wednesday was the third fastest score in Premier organization history. However who else has scored one of the quickest objectives of all-time?

8.1 seconds: Christian Benteke (Belgium 6-0 Gibraltar, people Cup qualifier 2017)

Belgium striker Benteke registered the fastest global goal of every time with his 8.1 2nd effort and also it to be even an ext impressive since Gibraltar began with the round in the centre circle.

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The hosts, playing in Portugal because their stadion does not meet FIFA standards, play the ball backwards from the kickoff to Jamie Bosio, that then tried to pass throughout to a teammate. But Benteke intercepted the pass and ran right into the box before putting a shot past goalkeeper Deren Ibrahim.

Christian Benteke\"s goal after less than nine seconds was the very first of his hat trick versus Gibraltar.Getty8.3 seconds: Davide Gualtieri (San Marino 1-7 England, human being Cup qualifier, 1993)

San Marino, rescue ring by their 0-0 attract with Turkey earlier in 1993, scored only the third goal in your history, in a civilization Cup qualifier against England in Bologna after simply 8.3 seconds. Helped by a brief back-pass from Stuart Pearce, computer clerk Davide Gualtieri\"s goal remains the fastest in civilization Cup qualification history, and also brought his team\"s all-time goal distinction down come a an ext respectable minus 84.

The tourists went ~ above to success the video game 7-1, yet it was to it is in Graham Taylor\"s last together manager. England had actually needed to win by a seven-goal margin and for Poland to carry out them a favour against Netherlands and, together neither happened, England finished third in the group.

\"I\"m probably more famous in Scotland,\" Gualtieri called the London Evening typical in 2003 once asked about his condition in his homeland.

\"In \"95, we played the scotsman here and their fans come wearing T-shirts which claimed \"Gualtieri -- eight seconds\". I was in the Halloween pub in town as soon as some of them found out who I was. They bought me drink all night and also wouldn\"t permit me leave.\"

9.9 seconds: Ledley King (Tottenham Hotspur 3-3 Bradford City, Premier League, 2000)

King\"s first ever goal because that Tottenham not just wrote him into the history books that his club but also the Premier League. The future spurs captain scored within 10 secs of the six-goal thriller at valley Parade to it is registered the competition\"s fastest goal.

The opener was stormy justice top top the Bantams as referee Neale Barry was compelled to restart the game after a Tottenham player had encroached into the City half. As soon as the whistle sounded to signal the beginning of the match for the 2nd time, King uncovered himself in acre of an are to drill in a 25-yard shooting which deflected off the regrettably Andy O\"Brien and also went in after just 9.9 seconds.

The score beat the previous finest record that 13 seconds set by both chris Sutton and Dwight Yorke through Blackburn and also Aston Villa in 1994 and also 1995 respectively, and still stands now as the quickest English top-flight goal due to the fact that the beginning of the Premier organization in 1992.

10.12 seconds: Roy Makaay (Bayern Munich 2-1 real Madrid, champion League, 2007)

Bayern Munich had actually their work reduced out when they welcomed actual Madrid for the 2nd leg of their Champions league round-of-16 second-leg clash after shedding the first leg 3-2 at the Bernabeu.

If there were any kind of prematch nerves, castle didn\"t present when Roberto Carlos miscontrolled a pass back to him practically from kickoff. Hasan Salihamidzic pounced ~ above the left-back\"s error and also fed the sphere through because that Makaay, who swept his first-time complete past Iker Casillas after simply 10.1 secs for the competition\"s quickest ever goal.

However, Bayern could not repeat your heroics in the next round once they were defeated by ultimate winners AC Milan, for whom Paolo Maldini score a first-minute opener in the 2005 final that remains the quickest goal ever scored in a Champions league final.

Alan Shearer\"s 283 organization scoring record might never it is in beaten.Mike Hewitt/Allsport/Getty Images10.40 seconds: Alan Shearer (Newcastle 2-0 Manchester City, Premier League, 2003)

The Premier League\"s top goal scorer of all time has actually the second fastest goal ever in the Premier League.

When the Manchester City defence command the ball earlier to goalkeeper Carlo Nash whatever seemed fine, that is until the goalkeeper slipped momentarily offering Shearer a chance to close that down. The he did, and also he slotted house the opener to obtain the Magpies turn off to a paris start.

\"I assumed I\"d give Carlo an early touch to assist his confidence,\" explained Steve Howey, that made the backpass. Craig Bellamy made sure of the success to hand Kevin Keegan a negative return to St James\" Park adhering to his decision to walk out on the Tyneside society in January 1997.

10.89 seconds: Hakan Sukur (South Korea 2-3 Turkey, world Cup finals, 2002)

Sukur score the fastest score in the background of the human being Cup finals as soon as he netted 10.89 seconds into the 2002 third-place playoff versus South Korea. Sukur had actually arrived at the tournament amid high expectations, however that effort -- which helped his side to a 3-2 win -- was his just strike the the tournament.

\"The goal to be late in coming,\" he claimed after the game.

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Czechoslovakia\"s Vaclav Masek had previously held the record, netting just 15 seconds into a 3-1 defeat to Mexico at the 1962 tournament.