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Looking because that beautiful quotes about the grand Canyon? This Arizona UNESCO civilization Heritage Site has inspired part truly beautiful take trip quotes.

So even if it is you’re in search of travel motivation or cool Canyon Instagram captions or on facebook statuses, right here are my favorite grand Canyon quotes!

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The ideal Grand Canyon quotes & grand Canyon Instagram Captions

Here room my favourite quotes around Grand Canyon, including motivation from poems, literature, popular music culture, and also quotes by renowned American authors!

Grand Canyon Travel Quotes


I had pertained to the canyon with expectations. I wanted to watch snowy egrets flying against the black color schist at dusk; I witnessed blue-winged teal versus the eco-friendly waters at dawn. I had actually wanted to hear thunder rolling in the thousand-foot depths; ns heard the guttural caw of 4 ravens…what any of united state had come to see or do fell away. We found ourselves in ~ each rotate with what we had not imagined. –Barry López

The glories and also the beauties of form, color, and also sound unite in the grand Canyon – develops unrivaled even by the mountains, colors the vie v sunsets, and also sounds that expectancy the diapason from tempest to tinkling raindrop, indigenous cataract come bubbling fountain. –John Wesley Powell

Leave it together it is. The ages have been at work on it and also man deserve to only mar it. -Theodore Roosevelt

It’s prefer trying to describe what girlfriend feel when you’re stand on the in salt of the grand Canyon or mental your very first love or the birth of your child. You need to be there to really know what it’s like. -Jack Schmitt

Publishing a publication of city is prefer dropping a climbed petal down the cool Canyon and waiting because that the echo. –Don Marquis


Anybody who travels knows the you’re not really doing therefore in order come move roughly – you’re travel in stimulate to it is in moved. And also really what you’re seeing is not just the cool Canyon or the an excellent Wall however some moods or intimations or places inside yourself that you never ever ordinarily see once you’re sleepwalking v your everyday life. -Pico Iyer

Beautiful doesn’t begin to explain it. A flower is beautiful. However this is beautiful the method that a human being is beautiful- terrifying v its jagged edges, however seductive through its crevices the hide so plenty of secrets. –Jeri Smith-Ready

Rimare there horizonswhere over there is no horizontalwhere hills fold space,hold street up?embedded in a canyonour top tilt instinctively.here planet meets sky,we can reach it; the rimdoes no shimmer and also recede.

-Laurelyn Whitt

The grand Canyon is carven deep through the grasp hand; it is the gulf of silence, widened in the desert; it is all time inscribing the naked rock; the is the publication of earth. -Donald C. Peattie

There will never be a photo of the grand Canyon that deserve to adequately explain its depth, breadth, and also true beauty. –Stefanie Payne


As dawn leaks into the sky it edits out the stars prefer excess point marks, deleting asterisks and periods, commas, and semi-colons, leaving only unhinged think rotating and pivoting, and also unsecured words. –Ann Zwinger

I perform not know, really, exactly how we will endure without locations like the within Gorge that the grand Canyon come visit. As soon as in a lifetime, even, is enough. To feel the stripping down, an ebb of the push of conventional time, a radical readjust of proportion, one unspoken respect for others that elicits keen emotional pleasure, a fast intimate pounding that the heart.

The life of life, any type of life, involves an excellent and personal pain, much of which we share v no one. In such locations as the inner Gorge the pains trails away from us. The is no so quiet over there or so gotten rid of that you can hear yourself think, the you would also wish to; the comes later. You deserve to hear your heartbeat. That comes first. –Barry López

The cool Canyon is living proof of the strength of water end a duration of time. The power may not manifest immediately. Water deserve to be really powerful, like a tidal wave. -Frederick Lenz

If over there is a suggest to being in the canyon, that is no to rush however to linger, suspended in a blue-and-amber haze of in-between-ness, for as lengthy as one possibly can. Come float, to drift, savoring the pulse the the flow on the odyssey through the canyon, and over all, come postpone the unwelcome and also distinctly unpleasant moment when one is compelled to reemerge and reenter the world beyond the rim-that is the great goal. –Kevin Fedarko


I love my country, whereby I typical I to be indebted joyfully to every the people throughout the history, that have fought the federal government to make right. Where so countless cunning sons and also daughters, ours foremothers and also forefathers came singing through slaughter, came with hell and also high water so that we can stand here, and also behold breathlessly the sight; exactly how a raging flow of tears cut a grand canyon the light. Why can’t every decent men and also women call themselves feminists, out of respect because that those that dealt with for this? –Ani DiFranco

In the cool Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder i m sorry is in type absolutely unrivaled throughout the rest of the world. -Theodore Roosevelt

This see is animate: it moves, transposes, builds, proceeds, shifts, constantly going on, never ever coming back, and also one can only retain it in vignettes, impressions recorded in a flash, flipped through in succession, leaving a wealth of images imprinted on a sunburned retina. –Ann Zwinger

You cannot check out the cool Canyon in one view, as if it were a changeless spectacle indigenous which a curtain can be lifted, however to view it, you have to toil indigenous month come month v its labyrinths. -John Wesley Powell

I can’tPut myself in the pinyon’s place, tremblingAt the edge, farming at the upper end of aHuman sized bowl, the lower finish a slot i peerThrough to see the river’s ribbon, that white fleckedTrail with the deepest cleft of all. I can’t knowThe pinyon’s psychic , though ns try.

–Mary Beath


He expected the cool Canyon was only a mood of nature, a bolder promise, a beautiful record. He meant that mountains had actually sifted away in its dust, however the canyon was young. Male was nothing, for this reason let him be humble. This cataclysm that the earth, this playground of a river was no inscrutable; the was just inevitable—as inevitable as nature herself. Millions of years in the bygone eras it had lain relaxed under a half-moon; it would bask silent under a rayless sun, in the onward sheet of time.–Zane Grey

It is a spectacular illusion – a deeply three-dimensional scene flattened ~ above an earthly canvas. –Stefanie Payne

Mortals: meetthe north air,arias carvedout the rocks beyondour puny clockphilosophy.-Thea Gavin

Martha called me, “I don’t know just how you’re going to talk around romance in your book, yet you’re walk to have to because its truly component of every our stays down there-and in a huge way- because its an incredibly sensuous environment. Think the how countless times you’ve please in love down there, and how plenty of times human being have fallen in love with you. That a location where us shine. We’re the happiest in our lives. We’re vibrant. We’re just so full of life, and not only does that placed you in the mood because that love, it sets you up for it. People are really attracted to civilization who are shining, who feel for this reason happy wherein they are and who castle are and what they’re doing and also who they’re doing the with.” –Martha Clark

A thought that continued to be with me was that i had gone into a private ar in the earth. I had actually seen exposed almost its oldest part. I had lost my sense of urgency, rekindled a sense of what human being were, clambering to gain access to high waterfalls and a feeling of our unlimited struggle together a varieties to know time and to estimate the aftermath of ours acts. –Barry López


Sunrise, cool CanyonWe was standing on the edge, the fallInto depth, the ascentOf light revelatory, the canyon wall surfaces movingUp the end ofShadow, litColors that the class cuttingDown v darkness, sunrise together itPasses aPrecipitate that the river, its scorched tangerineFlare brief, jagged

-Rick Kempa

I sit watching till dusk, hypnotized. I think of the sea as continually sloshing ago and forth, repetitive, yet my psyche goes through the river- always loping downhill, purposeful, listening just to gravity. –Ann Zwinger

And the rapids: under the glassy-smooth tongue right into a yawing trench, rise a ten-foot wall of was standing water and fall into boiling, ferocious hydraulics… –Barry López

Eating Fruit in ~ the grand Canyon- A song to make fatality easySince this great hole in earth is beyondMy comprehension and I to be hungry,I sit ~ above the rim and eat fruit

-Diane Hume George

Politicians wanted to mine the grand Canyon because that zinc and copper, and also Theodore Roosevelt said, ‘No.’ -Douglas Brinkley


The cool Canyon i m sorry yawns between the writer’s ide of what he desires to catch in words and what comes v is a cruel abyss. -Fannie Hurst

It took five days to drive to Los Angeles by myself. Ns listened to Abbey roadway for six hours at a time and watched the desert open up prior to me again and also again. I observed the sun collection and rise at the cool Canyon, and also I sang out over the cliffs, picked up tumbleweeds along the way, and threw castle in the ago of mine car. -Madi Diaz

There’s not a single person in Arizona this day who would say the grand Canyon to be a mistake. -Stewart Udall

I don’t believe that anyone deserve to see the cool Canyon area because that themselves and also not recognize that we have to do whatever we can to protect it for future generations. -Nolan Gould

Occasionally us glimpse the southern Rim, 4 or 5 thousand feet above. From the rims the canyon seems oceanic; in ~ the surface of the flow the feeling is intimate. To who up there v binoculars we seem utterly remote under here. It is this know measurement if distance and time and the perplexing inquiry posed by the canyon itself- What is consequential? –Barry López


I can still mental my an initial experience that standing in ~ the sheet of the grand Canyon and looking into it. It to be so awesome, it take it a same amount the restraint to protect against me indigenous jumping into it, since I was particular I can fly. -Mark Goulston

The wonders of the cool Canyon can not be adequately stood for in icons of speech, nor by decided itself. The sources of the graphics art are taxed beyond their powers in attempting come portray the features. Language and illustration combined must fail. -John Wesley Powell

I think in evolution. But I additionally believe, when I hike the cool Canyon and see it in ~ sunset, the the hand the God is there also. -John McCain

I think in science and also evolution. I’ve to be to the cool Canyon. -Bill Walton

The elements that unite to do the grand Canyon the many sublime spectacle in nature space multifarious and also exceedingly diverse. -John Wesley Powell


Maybe girlfriend weren’t born through a silver spoon in her mouth, but like every American, you lug a deed to 635 million acres of public lands. That’s right. Even if friend don’t own a residence or the latest computer on the market, you very own Yosemite, Yellowstone, the grand Canyon, golden Gate national Recreation Area, and many other organic treasures. -John Garamendi

Majestic doesn’t appeal to us. We favor the grand Canyon better with Clarence and Arlene parked in former of it, smiling. -Garrison Keillor

Funny Quotes around the cool Canyon


Crying – agree at funerals and the grand Canyon. -Ron Swanson (Parks & Rec)

When visiting the grand Canyon, make sure you hike right into the canyon. And also be careful not to loss or step in mule poop. –McKenna Shay

Climbing K2 or floating the grand Canyon in an within tube; there room some things one would rather have actually done 보다 do. -Edward Abbey

You can’t speak you’re walking to jump the grand Canyon and then jump some other canyon. -Evel Knievel

I would rather stumble by opportunity on a small stream in the woods than plan a pilgrimage to the cool Canyon. –Marty Rubin


I think in a benevolent God not because He developed the cool Canyon or Michelangelo, but due to the fact that He gave us snacks. –Paul Rudnick

Baseball, the is said, is just a game. True. And the grand Canyon is just a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are produced equal. -George Will

We go a lot of those roadway trips, every the causing obligation stuff the you need to when you’re a kid, prefer Mount Rushmore and also the cool Canyon and the Sequoias and the western coast. -Vicki Lawrence

I checked out the cool Canyon with my family members when i was around 8 year old, and I had a an extremely blah experience. Ns think the range of that is too huge – girlfriend don’t evaluate it. -David Roberts

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5 things to pack for Your expedition to the grand Canyon

The Lonely earth Southwest USA guidebook. It deserve to be sort of a pains to discover the significant guidebooks once you land, or you’ll find them overpriced. I always like to choose mine up ahead of time.

An Unlocked Cell Phone so the you deserve to use a local sim map while below to aid navigate public transportation and when she on the road. (For people without American mobile plans).

Backup Charging Bankfor your cell phone because you’ll be utilizing it together a camera, GPS, and general take trip genie.

A Camera since the cool Canyon is super photogenic. I use a mix that my Nikon D810 and my Samsung8 smartphone these days.

A great Day Bagso friend can lug what you require with girlfriend (like her camera, snacks, water, sunscreen, cash, etc). My current favorite is thePacsafe Citysafe, i beg your pardon is especially great for Arizona due to the fact that it has numerous anti-theft features designed to deter pickpockets. It also transitions to a nightbag more easily and won’t embarrass girlfriend if you walk to dinner directly after sightseeing all day.

Don’t Forget about Travel Insurance!

Before you leave for Arizona make sure you have a valid Travel Insurance Policy because crashes happen top top the road. I pay for World Nomads, and ns happily recommend them. It’s specifically important to get travel insurance allowance if you will do it be hanging enjoying time in the beautiful (but sometimes slippery) outdoors.

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