Merrily return home and re-equip yourself. Friend won’t be able to use your equipment in Operation: Anchorage!, however you still must reach the Outcasts, i m sorry will call for some hefty fighting. Lug what you want, however you can want to take trip light to prevent unnecessary trips back and forth. Once you’re prepared pop top top the “Outcast Distress Signal” and head to the Red Racer Factory. From below head south until you uncover a door bring about Bailey’s Crossroads Metro, i beg your pardon is just south-east the a debris-covered subway entrance.

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2) Bailey’s Crossroads Metro

Make your means through the metro, killing what few Ghouls there room to kill. There’s some loot to it is in found, specifically if you find ground floor as soon as you reach the large, main metro hub room. Ultimately you’ll reach Bailey’s Crossroads.

3) Defender Morrill’s desperate Mission

When you arise you’ll hear the sound the furious fighting, as Brotherhood Outcasts desperately fight against encroaching super Mutants. Aid the Outcasts (or allow them dice so you have the right to steal their stuff) and exterminate the supervisor Mutants. At the peak of the stair you will certainly be presented to Defender Morrill. Hopefully you haven’t grown soft in the Pitt, since the supervisor Mutants below are ago in complete form, consisting of Super Mutant Overlords. Head north into an open area, then walk west up a hill that rubble, and south into a building.


4) break the supervisor Mutant Siege

The building is, itself, crawling v Super Mutants, varying from common Super Mutants equipped with pond Bats to Super Mutant emperors with Gatling Lasers.. Depending on your level. As you do your method in some Brotherhood Outcasts will begin trouble on the other side. This will offer you the capacity to flank the supervisor Mutants and cause them part grief… or let the two sides battle it out. Do your method through the building to the south, looting and also killing as you go. When you emerge on the far side, you’ll quickly discover the Outcast Outpost.

5) Outcast Outpost

Continue on come the station and much more Super Mutants will spawn in the structure behind you. Either head onward to the outpost or backtrack and also clear the new Super Mutants the end of your building. Possibilities are Defender morl reel won’t be lively anymore, but if he is he should talk come you when you get near the Outpost. Head down the elevator, morl reel or no. 2 Outcasts have the right to be overheard talking about the unaccounted for person riding the elevator.

Head external the elevator to fulfill Defender Sibley, that isn’t the nicest the fellows. Play nice and he’ll take it you to accomplish the boss, Protector McGraw. Lengthy story short, the Outcasts space trying to acquire at some goodies here. Unfortunately stated goodies space locked behind a blast door castle can’t open. In bespeak to open up it, you need to complete a VR simulation that the liberation the Anchorage: Alaska. Why you? because you have a Pip-Boy, which has actually the computer interface the Outcasts need.

Before you head on, you might want to loo the place. The Outcasts don’t psychic if you take their stuff, and also there’s more than sufficient to fill up her inventory. Across the room behind a locked door you’ll discover a rather dead Gary 23. His mutilated arm suggests the Outcasts tried to remove his Pip-Boy at part point. Also, they’re incompetent.


If girlfriend have problems with the elevator, just hit the electrical switch come ride back and increase and shot again. Sometimes the gate external of the elevator stops working to open.

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6) The Simulation

When you’re excellent looting and messing around, go find Specialist Olin. She’ll gruffly provide you a Neural user interface Suit and also tell girlfriend to gain in the Simulation Pod. She can really perform with some lead asprin. Make a new “safety” tough save in instance something go wrong v Operation: Anchorage and get right into the Simulation Pod. You are now commited to completing this expansion. None of your equipment gets to go v you in the simulation, however if you to be a killing device outside the the sim, you’ll it is in a killing an equipment inside… you simply need to get more tools that the trade.