Ways the Beowulf reveals the worths of the Anglo-Saxon society are the bravery, honor, and respect are presented in the protagonist, Beowulf, and also that beowulf is praised because that his kindness, wisdom, and also gentleness by King Hrothgar.

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Beowulf mirrors the centrality the the mead hall together the symbol of Anglo-Saxon values. In this world, nature is no a light manifestation of magnificent goodness wherein one"s heart leaps at rainbows and also butterflies however a savage, dark location of danger, inhabited with the monsters choose Grendel (usually lesser monsters,...

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Beowulf shows the centrality the the mead hall as the symbol of Anglo-Saxon values. In this world, nature is no a light manifestation of magnificent goodness where one"s love leaps in ~ rainbows and also butterflies but a savage, dark place of danger, lived in with the monsters prefer Grendel (usually lesser monsters, such together bears and also wolves, however monsters all the same) that threaten humankind. Nature is a place where evil lurks, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting, described as a dangerous ar of moors and swamps.

In contrast, the mead room represents the facility of all that is an excellent in Anglo-Saxon civilization: safety, security, community, warmth, food, merriment, and also hospitality. In attacking Heorot hall on a nightly basis, the savage monster Grendel is threatening the destruction of the an extremely fabric holding civilization together and, instead, leaving that bloody and also dismembered. He is, therefore, one existential danger to civilized human existence itself.

By emphasizing all the good aspects the Heorot Hall, Beowulf expose the worths of its society. Once Beowulf conserves it, King Hrothgar praises him, articulating much more of the worths of his society, every tied to the mead hall:

Wear this bright jewels, lovely Beowulf;/ reap them, ... Oh fortunate young/ Warrior; grow richer, let your fame and also your strength/ go hand in hand; and also lend these two boys/ your wise and also gentle heart! I"ll remember your/ Kindness. Her glory is too an excellent to forget/ ... Spread out your blessed protection.

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From the gifts and blessing of the king, we learn more about what Anglo-Saxons prized: jewels, youth, wealth, fame, and also physical strength. Beo wolf is praised for his wisdom, gentleness, kindness, glory, and also protection, i m sorry is called blessed. In the context of the poem, these personal traits all arise from his security of the mead hall culture.