Critics contact Twelfth Night among William Shakespeare’s many poetic and musical plays. Shakespeare write poetic lines because that the major characters, Viola, Orsino, and also Olivia, and also gives the Fool, and also other boy characters, song to song throughout the play. The particularly romantic lines of the play do it seem as if the characters are professional poets themselves. Shakespeare additionally uses the music and poetry in Twelfth Night to foreshadow what is going to happen for the rest of the performance and to reveal major themes in the play. Music and also poetry become major characters in the beat themselves.The opening soliloquy of Act ns Scene I, offered by battle each other Orsino, is an additional perfect example of Shakespeare utilizing music to show the upcoming storyline the the play. At first, Orsino is making use of music together a an allegory that feeds the appetite the love. He speaks for a minute around his love because that the music playing, and also then changes abruptly by saying, “Enough; no more” (7). Currently Shakespeare is foreshadowing Orsino’s fickleness as soon as it comes to music which in turn stands because that love. Of course, additional into the play, it is presented that Orsino truly is fickle when it pertains to love. As quickly as he finds out that Cesario is in fact the woman Viola, he instantly forgets all the enthusiasm he had for Olivia and marries Viola.Another component of Orsino’s opening speech that shows a piece of the future plot is the component where that talks around love being “receiveth together the sea” (11). This deserve to be take away to display that love will come by the sea. In the very next scene, Viola shows up in Illyria native a shipwreck. Sebastian, although Shakespeare does not say so in ~ the time, additionally comes ~ above the scene because of the very same shipwreck. Shakespeare forecasts, very subtly, the these are t...... Middle of file of the antics at the start play to woo Olivia succeed because that Orsino and Viola’s initial arrangement in the beginning does not blossom. This line concludes the part of Feste’s tune in which the is giving a synopsis of the play. The last two stanzas room addressed come the audience and Feste many thanks them.Shakespeare craftily offers music and poetry to overview the audience through the play and also give lock an inkling of what is to come, if the audience choose to pat close attention.

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However, it is not always clear what the song way and, depending on the character moving the tune or poem, comes turn off as more comedic than coherent to the performance. By the finish of the play, the audience has welcomed that music and also poetry are just as much themes in the play together disguise and love, however are combined so painstakingly the neither poetry or love overshadow anything in the performance.