If you room a boy you might tell that you were waiting in a heat for quick food and also than couple in prior of you began tickling each other and one made quick move and also hit girlfriend in the eye through his elbow. 보다 they paid your food ofc.... Yet if who is bullying girlfriend in institution either tell to parents either brake his legs through some tick stick. Gl everything you do

If you require an pardon for having actually one then there isn't. If somebody is abusing girlfriend then call the cops in ~ a safe time or placed a steak knife v their eye socket while castle sleep.

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No one is abusing me, I simply clumsily fell stepping out of mine attic while talk on my cabinet phone, and jammed the phone right into my eye socket.....but the sounds lame, so I'm looking for a good alternative.

Say you were practicing making use of Nunchucks and also you smacked you yourself in the eye through them. Buy a pair that nunchucks to prove the you have actually them.

sometimes if you blow your nose really, really tough you can finish up with a black eye. Happened to mine flatmate one time. For this reason yea, just say you did that.

or you can say you're into really kinky sex.

orrr you to be pulling something off the wall and that suddenly damaged away and also you ended up hitting you yourself in the face.

orrrrr girlfriend just gained in a fight due to the fact that some male was harassing a girl so friend wasted him and he obtained in a punch prior to you knocked that out.

Beating the shit out of your small sisters' abusive ex husband.

She moved in through me do the efforts to run from that after being associated for 4 years.

He stayed in the same city together we did therefore he stalked her rather a bit and also was continually demeaning her and manipulating her.

So one night he started pounding on my door demanding to speak to her.

I answered and told him to leave.

He tried to pressure his method through my apartment door and hit me in the face.

But i then forced him come the ground together he was fairly a little smaller than me and also started beating the shit the end of him and also put him in the hospital.

Next job I had a black color eye, bloody nose and bruised hands.

But was greatly fine and he was in the hospital.

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