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I have looked for the argued premix proportion for a 2000 Johnson 70 hp 2 stroke. I"ve gotten different answers & ns don"t desire to burn noþeles up.I"ve to be told 1 qt of oil to 6 gallons of gas, & 16 oz of oil to 5 gallons the gas, amongst other ratios.Does anyone recognize if it"s 40:1, or 50:1, or ???
oil fuel proportion for 70 johnson
If girlfriend have elected to walk Pre-mix use 1 pint the oil for every 6 gallons fuel 50/1 ratio
Now it provides sense RR...he must have actually meant come say Pint but said Quart instead! ns didn"t realize until the ride home that a quart was method too lot oil.The rig is already setup for pre-mixing.Thanks!

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