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Baby i don't know exactly how long I deserve to keep up with thisIt's the exact same thing everydayMonday v SundayI don't know if friend love me anymoreEvery kiss begins with KThat's the just letter I want you to sayEvery kiss begins with KBaby I'll death for youWould you kill for me?Every kiss starts with KThat's the only letter I want you to sayEvery kiss begins with KLet me kidnap youAnd ~ above my dragon fly you the end to spaceWhat we having actually for breakfast? Girl an additional fightStill arguing around shit us did last nightIt's over, it's a new dayPass me the OJ you sipping top top RozayCallling shots, infant you ain't even loadedSmoke in the air hope it's the bread toastingYea we acquired problems much more than mathBut this is class, correct we'll advanceThis relationship is cheesy however I've remained in CheddarWhatever's for having lunch I just pray the it's betterLord hear my prayers, that text is mine saviorA small late for lunch it's 2:14Better late than never is our day-to-day routineEveryday ns curse and also everyday friend screamI understand it's not nice but it's def not meanThey to speak fighting, provides us strongerThan we out come the gym cause I require you longerWork the end for me job-related out for meRight now I need this to job-related out for meMake love top top the treadmill my heart is racingNot even my eyes have the right to see the shit the I'm facingGon require glasses and contacts to see that reply
Nothing's changedEverything's still the sameWhat ever happened to us?Those great funny moments that we had?Everything's fading awayIt's dinner time, lug out the whineLight up the candles see the sparkles in her eyesEveryday's a celebration 4th of JulyIf joy kills, just how am i alive?As always, we acquire into an argument againHow I'm supposly talking through your friendsF her friends and also my supposly lil girl friendsI don't need a girl, infant you my wifeNah you're my heart, yea you're my lifeKick me the end the house, yea that taken place twice3rd time's a charm and I'm hold to mine kiteLooking at the stars, look wherein we areYou inside the crib, I'm increase in the carMade a great at 11:11Text you and also replyOne letter word, you do this every time

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Doesn't matterDoesn't matter how much us fight babyWe always gon finish up comprising under the sheetsI love kiss, you and sex