Microsoft indigenous 2003 is the word processing application in the Microsoft Office Suite. Develop professional-looking, formatted text records with this an effective Word processing software.

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By the finish of this lesson, you have to be maybe to:Identify the parts of words 2003 windowChange the paper viewOperate the drop-down menusIdentify the task Pane

The basics of the word window

Let's briefly review the straightforward parts of the word 2003 window before we relocate on come word processing.

Shown below is the Microsoft word default window. Once Word is launched, a brand-new blank document, or default window, opens in print Layout view. Although window elements are completely explained in our home windows course, right here is a brief explanation of words window.


Title bar

This display screens the document name, complied with by a program name.

Menu bar

This includes a perform of options to manage and also customize documents.

Standard toolbar

This contains shortcut buttons because that the most famous commands.

Formatting toolbar

This has buttons the are used for formatting.


This is provided to collection margins, indents, and tabs.

Insertion point

This is the location where the next character appears.

End-of-document marker

This suggests the end of the document.


This gives quick accessibility to help topics.

Scroll bars

These are supplied to view components of the document.

Status bar

This screens the position of the insertion point and working mode buttons.

Task pane

This provides easy accessibility to generally used menus, buttons, and also tools.

View buttons

This alters the layout watch of the paper to typical view, net Layout view, reading Layout view, print Layout view, summary view, and Full display screen view.

Office Assistant

This web links to the Microsoft Office aid feature.

Change in view

In an effort to administer various means in i beg your pardon to see your work in progress and also remain organized, native 2003 uses six various views for your document. The six views room Normal view, internet Layout view, reading Layout view, print Layout view, overview view, and Full screen view.

Normal check out is finest used for typing, editing, formatting, and proofreading. It gives a maximum lot of space without rulers or page numbers cluttering your view.

Web Layout view shows you what your text will look like on a webpage.

Reading Layout check out is ideal for files you carry out not need to edit. The score of this see is to rise legibility therefore users can read papers easily.

Print Layout view shows you what your file will look at like when it is printed. Under publish Layout view, you have the right to see all facets of the page. Print Preview mirrors you this as well.

Outline check out is supplied to create and also edit outlines. Outline view just shows the headings in a document. This watch is an especially handy when making notes.

Full Screen view displays ONLY the record you space working on. All other pieces that the Word home window are removed except for one button, which permits you to Close see Screen.

Changing your record view

Click View top top the menu bar.Select the see of her choice.
ORClick one of the five buttons in ~ the bottom left of your Word window (View Full screen is not obtainable in this location).

Drop-down menus

Each Office 2003 program attributes a menu bar. The menu bar is made up of many different menus. Each menu includes commands that allow you to work within the program. If you have used a previous variation of Microsoft Word, you may an alert that the food selection bar in indigenous 2003 operates a little differently than before. Native 2003 uses drop-down menus that at first display commands users most often need.

Operating the brand-new drop-down menus

To open up a menu:

Click on a menu name ~ above the menu bar.View the commands detailed under the drop-down menu.With the food selection open, drag the mouse pointer come a command, then click on it to pick the command. (As you drag your computer mouse pointer end the commands, each command is highlighted in blue.)
If there is a small black color triangle beside a command, hover the mouse pointer over the command through the triangle and a cascading menu with additional options will appear. Suggest and click to do a an option from the cascading menu.
Commands that are not used often in 2003 are initially covert from the viewer. If you execute not see all regulates on a menu, click on the dual arrows at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Girlfriend can likewise double-click the menu to increase it.

Using the task pane

When opened, the task pane will appear on the right side of words window. The task pane gives easy accessibility to commonly used menus, buttons, and also tools. Through default, the task pane will appear when native 2003 is an initial launched. If you carry out not see your job pane, you can view that by one of two people selecting particular commands or by manually opened it.

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To open the task pane:

Click View in the menu bar.Select Task Pane.

Along the optimal bar of the job pane, you must see tiny backward and forward buttons top top the left, as well as a down arrow on the right. Come view various task panes, click the down arrow. Once you have actually opened different task panes, you deserve to navigate through them by clicking the left and also right arrowhead button on the left. To close your task pane, click the X symbol on the far right that the bar.