The digital throttle control handles the details sent between the accelerator body and also the accelerator pedal. Here"s what it way and what could reason it come illuminate


It doesn’t issue if whatever on the electric side of the residence is working properly if the physical accelerator body is stuck. There space plenty of factors that the throttle body can acquire stuck, however a typical one is carbon build-up.

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Take a look at her throttle body and ensure that it can conveniently open and close. If that can’t, watch if you can’t remove any type of obstructions and shot cleaning it through a high-quality carb cleaner. If that still doesn’t work, you might need to replace the accelerator body.

Is It for sure To Drive with an electronic Throttle manage Light?

It is no safe come drive v an digital throttle manage light. If you might be lucky and only have a autumn in fuel effectiveness or a slim drop in acceleration, the trouble can conveniently get worse if the sensor readings proceed to go awry.

The accelerator body controls exactly how much air enters the engine, and if your vehicle’s ECM can not keep accurate tabs on this, climate it can easily lead to an out-of-control engine. If you have actually an electronic throttle irradiate that’s on, you can quickly damages your engine, which deserve to lead to even an ext expensive repairs when you acquire it come a fix shop.

This is true also if you don’t notice significant drops in her throttle response or auto performance. That’s because the air to fuel ratio isn’t what it must be, which deserve to lead to premature engine wear over time.


While you could feel that everything is obtaining more complicated in contemporary vehicles, these complicated features have large benefits. Not just do girlfriend get better fuel economy, however you get a more powerful and also a an ext responsive engine.

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So, if you could be cursing the electronic throttle manage light now when you gain everything back to functioning as the should, you’ll be happy you have actually it. And despite what the crusty mechanic at the shop might tell you, the old linkage systems used to act up from time to time too.