Chrysler Sebring owners have reported 31problems pertained to throttle control warning light on (under the auto speed manage category).The many recently reported concerns are provided below.Also please examine out thestatistics and also reliability evaluation of Chrysler Sebring based on all troubles reported because that the Sebring.

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Backing the end of mine driveway the engines all of sudden shut down however restarted there is no an issue. Later on that work the red warning light come on and the engine started to have no power and then staled i was may be to move to the side of the road and saw the throttle place sensor light was on (witch i looked increase in owner manual. To be able to obtain it started again and drove the to my mechanic who tested it and also said I essential a throttle body. T hat was replaced now 4 days later on I was on a hov roadway doing 65 light came on engine sputtered yet didn"t stall arrived at location when i got earlier in vehicle light to be out and car started. Driving residence I had to pull over number of times as soon as light was illuminated . My worry is driving in ~ highway speeds particularly where ns live there are long tunnels i travel through hopefully that doesn"t perform this come anyone driving with them and anywhere that would definitely reason a significant accident , the initial fix to replace throttle body was $271 and secondary $88 because that same issue now throttle pedal demands replaced cost currently unknown. View all difficulties of the 2008 Chrysler Sebring🔎.

I was driving one morning and it to be raining. The digital throttle regulate light came on and also the automobile wouldn"t accelerate end 20 mph. I cut the automobile off and also started it earlier up and it didn"t carry out it anymore. Until the other day once exiting off the federal government the automobile lost speed and also the exact same light came on. The restarting cheat didn"t work. The auto runs shaky and is idled increase high once started. The auto still won"t accelerate end 20mph. Had it diagnosed and discovered the throttle body needs to be replaced and also the input manifold jogger valve to deal with this problem. I see a many of people that very own this auto 2007/2008 have this problem. Which deserve to potentially be dangerous specifically while on the interstate!.

As ns was steering 70 mph top top the highway, the throttle regulate warning irradiate came and the auto begin come loss power and also hesitate. Ns pulled turn off the road and also it began to stall and also jump. The vehicle was shedding power and I can not go previous 45 mph. Another problem i am having actually is the instrument panel light went off and I cannot see the gas gauge, speedometer, etc. The car is right now sitting in the parking lot until I can get it towed come be confirm and/or fixed. It at this time runs, however I am afraid to drive it.

While steering the engine light came on, loss rate occurred, vehicle felt prefer in to be going to dye top top the freeway. No excellaration power. Engine light flashing, accelerator light flashing in red. Car has no choose up. Ns have dubbed Chrysler and also was said no recall. I had it confirm at neighborhood auto shop and code to be p0035. Crank pillar sensor. Many customers have had this issue and no one not also Chrysler can number out the problem.

Most freshly the digital throttle manage light come on, the owners manual shows that the vehicle may loose control that speed and also cause one accident. Further research indicated that this to be a typical problem and also that world have lost control of there vehicles and or to be in crashes as they to be unable to slow-moving down or stop carry out to this issue. Numerous of the complainants on line were individuals with young children as ns am and have serious comes to for injury or death. Regional dealers had problems resolving the problem. My 2nd issue i m sorry is additionally a common issue for Chrysler owners is the the instrument cluster lights walk out and also cease to work and also you will not be able to see any type of of your tools at night such as your speed, tachometer, gas gauge,engine temperature ect. This is a huge safety concern as you can not see your rate at night or at an early stage in the morning when youngsters are going to school and reduced speeds are in affect, as well as being may be to understand if your running the end of gas or car is overheating causing more damage. Ns did although discover a recall for various models through gas gauge concerns as a safety issue for running the end of gas. This instrument cluster worry has come be far worse than the gas gauge recall together it causes the same pertains to plus several more in just one problem. When I called the recall heat they said that its not on the remind list but was may be to confirm the gas gauge problem I fastened below. Fuel gauge might overstate fuel level models : Chrysler Sebring, evade avenger engine, march 16, 2009 the started March, 2009. The Chrysler remind number is j02. I will be forwarding this complaint and posting come the executives the Chrysler as well as my regional media, and also insurance company for validity of my complaint. Ns hope to be contacted because that this problem to be resolved. Watch all problems of the 2007 Chrysler Sebring🔎.

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler Sebring. When the automobile was stationary, the automobile hesitated to accelerate. Also, when making a turn, the car stalled and also the engine and also electronic throttle manage indicators illuminated. The car was not required to a dealer because that diagnostic experimentation or repairs. The vehicle was taken to an live independence mechanic where the car was diagnosed that the electronic throttle computer needed to be replaced. The auto was no repaired. The manufacturer was made mindful of the failures. The call was notified that the car was not had in a recall. The fail mileage was 42,000.

While walking 65 mph, the digital throttle control sensor light come on and also the auto began to lose power. It felt as though the gas pedal was no working and the speed dropped to about 30mph. After restarting the veh. The difficulty would exactly itself because that awhile. Yet eventually the no much longer worked, and also I had a mechanic change the gas pedal. This also did not correct the problem. So once we journey it, at any time, the strength deaccelerates and the automobile slows means down. It additionally seems choose it is no shifting right into overdrive and also revs in ~ a high rpm.

The call owns a 2008 Chrysler Sebring. The call stated that while driving roughly 60 mph, the automobile stalled together the digital throttle control warning light illuminated. The car was taken to a dealer. The car was no diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer to be not informed of the failure. The fail mileage was 112,000.

I to be driving my vehicle last week and also the digital throttle control light come on climate went off occurred maybe 3 or 4 times however nothing of it. . . So this day I"m top top my way from job-related I make a protect against on my way home walk to begin the car and also leave and I turn the vital but nothing the radio and lights all work yet it"s not even attempting to start. I thought probably I required a jump i tried that and still nothing i have around 56000 miles and also I organization the auto regularly I need an explanation since this is clear a usual problem native multiple threads I"ve read about this car. Chrysler requirements to be organized accountable!!!!. Watch all problems of the 2010 Chrysler Sebring🔎.

Just choose everyone else"s complain on the 2008 Sebring. The digital throttle control light come on. The car rpms rev high however the vehicle won"t also be walking fast. The auto will rate up on its own and jump while sit at a red light. Then when the light come on and also you cut the vehicle off if you try to crank it ago up that went reduced on. This is ridiculous. I"ve nearly wrecked quite a few times. Nobody knows whats dorn amd when you take it to the dealership they don"t recognize either and they space all rude. And they fee you 100$ to diagnose it. If girlfriend don"t understand anything around vehicles you have to def not job-related for Chrysler and also should no charge human being for the diagnostic.

My 2008 Sebring had actually the digital throttle regulate light come on. Once this taken place the vehicle immediately reduced chin to 2000 rpms. I might not accelerate beyond that threshold. If the automobile came to a stop it would stall the end completely. I have actually read several similar reports that this concern including it causing involuntary acceleration.

I to be going around 55 mph as soon as the digital throttle manage light come on. It to be flashing through made it difficult to with speeds over 40 mph. I was a hazard on the highway due to the fact that I to be unable to preserve speed and the automobile hesitating. It take it me 1hour and also a fifty percent to take trip 35 miles. The next day began it and also the irradiate went out, I have been fear to journey it. No one appears to have straightforward answer.

The electronic throttle control light come on. The vehicle decelerated and was idling high/rough. It will not pick up speed beyond 25-30 mph.

The contact owns a 2007 Chrysler Sebring. The call stated the the electronic throttle regulate and break down indicator warning lights stayed illuminated. The dealer perform unknown repairs. However, the failure recurred. The manufacturer was made mindful of the failure. The approximate failure mileage to be 62,000.

The electric throttle light came on. Vehicle loses power and then will only go 5miles p/hr. . Really dangerous situation when you are on the freeway in busy traffic.

While traveling in virginia on int. 64 the digital throttle manage warning light come on and the auto lost power. Ns turned the automobile off waited a minute and the vehicle was fine. This has actually happened 3 times in the past. Dealer claimed it to be fixed and it keeps keep going periodically. Normally on trips.

The call owns a 2008 Chrysler Sebring. The contact stated the while attempting a left turn, the auto stalled and lost power. The digital throttle manage light was illuminated. The call was able come restart the vehicle roughly 45 minute later. The failure was resolved momentarily. The car was not required to the dealer or a repair shop for inspection or repair. The manufacturer was not made mindful of the failure. The VIN to be unavailable. The approximate current and failure mileage to be 80,000.

The call owns a 2007 Chrysler Sebring. The contact started the ignition and also the electronic throttle regulate warning indicator illuminated top top the instrument dashboard permanently until the engine was turned off. Also, whenever control the car would no accelerate end 25 mph. The car was right now being diagnosed at an authorized dealer. The manufacturer was educated of the problem and also they informed there was not a recall concerned the defect. The approximate failure mileage was 79,000.

While driving under the highway I shed power to my car. That wouldn"t go much faster than 25-30 mph even when i floored it. The digital throttle control light starts blinking on the dash. Happened a pair times, around 5-6 months apart, and I found out the if ns turned my automobile off and restarted the it would run simply fine again. Recently began happening whenever ns drive for much more than around an hour, really dangerous once it happens on the interstate. Take it it to a mechanic when it first happened and also they said that the computer system never registered anything and they can"t tell what is wrong v it uneven it is happening when I lug it in. Never happens once I"m close to a repair shop though. Looked it increase online and also apparently lot of of other world are having the same problem. Fed up with it.

When my vehicle is cruising much less than 20 miles every hour the digital throttle manage light flicker on and off and also it"s tough for the auto to pick up speed. I need to pull over reduced the automobile off and also cut it back on.

My mam was driving our 2008 Chrysler Sebring at approximately around 45mph as soon as the (etc) digital throttle control light came. She lost regulate of the car momentarily, had actually to usage the emergency brake to slow the auto down. She shut the care off, walk to start it ago up again and it wouldn"t carry out anything, save in mind she had actually our 2 youngsters in the automobile also. After ~ a couple of tries to begin the vehicle, it ultimately started again, no much more light! she had actually told me what the car was doing, so i drove it because that a day, and also nothing taken place at all. Later on that night she visited the store, and also it did that again!! this time it stayed on and also started blinking. Ns drove the car, and also it wont walk over 20mph, and also idles really rough, also idles high, in between 1500-2100rpm. Ns am composing this since after doing some research study on this it appears as though there is an ext than a pair thousand vehicles that have actually done the very same thing. (the 07" to 08" Chrysler Sebring) it put my family members in danger, this is why ns am posting this complaint. Please look into this.

The call owns a 2007 Chrysler Sebring. The contact stated the the auto would stall sporadically through the illumination that the digital throttle manage warning light. The dealer perform a diagnostic top top the vehicle but was unable to determine the reason of failure. The manufacturer to be not notified of the failure and the auto was no repaired. The fail mileage was 50,000 and also the existing mileage was 50,200.

A throttle regulate warning light appears on the dash off and also on at intermittent times the auto loses power and dies without warning. The has passed away on the highway several times therefore far, yet will restart after ~ a couple of minutes. It seems to happen when the fuel is less than fifty percent way full much more than any type of other time and/or once traveling uphill. Rpm dial ~ above the vehicle jumps erratically just before the accelerator warning irradiate appears. Problem has not emerged while traveling at much less than 45 mph. Afraid that the trouble will reason an accident, if it happens when another vehicle is traveling behind me.

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler Sebring convertible. When driving about 30 mph, the auto began to decelerate abnormally. The call depressed the accelerator pedal yet the auto would hesitate to accelerate. The throttle manage warning irradiate was additionally illuminated. The car was required to the dealer because that diagnostic testing where the technicians proclaimed to the call that the digital throttle regulate would need to be replaced. The dealer could not guarantee that the repair would resolve the failure. The car was no repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 40,000.

I bought my 2007 Chrysler Sebring back in October 2007 and also have had it ever since. However, after the first year , I started having problem with the digital throttle regulate light which will come top top sometime and never go off uneven you protect against the car and also restart. The digital throttle control light constantly come on as soon as I am in hefty highway web traffic of as soon as I to be driving in the city . When electronic throttle control light is on friend cannot rest to protect against the car, or rate up. It make you loosened control that the whole vehicle increasing the potentiality that accident if you was driving at any type of speed above 25 mph. Because of this when i drive I constantly make sure I am close to the curb. I went to Chrysler dealerships, but they carry out not know what is going on with the auto or could reason that failure, `and have no idea how to solve it. I do not understand if this difficulty is pertained to the power train. Countless other owner of 2007 Chrysler Sebring have had actually the exact same problem. This problem happened to me already much more than 30 times, luckily ns am a good driver, and also with luck ns was may be to handle the car. I went to pennsylvania this weekend and nearly did not make it home. Also last night it taken place to me twice at 12 am ideal at the departure of 295 when there to be cars behind me and also I virtually got into an accidents.

I have an 08 Chrysler Sebring. My digital throttle regulate light comes on randomly, and within 5 seconds, my auto stalls. I"ve taken the to two dealerships, castle can"t figure out what is resulting in this defect. This is not safe! as soon as when the stalled, ns couldn"t traction over due to the fact that there was no shoulder. Ns pulled end in the tiny triangle area in between merging traffic. Top top a pilgrimage from IL to va, I had to restart my vehicle 7 times. One dealership replaced the map sensor, this didn"t assist at all. The various other dealership said me there was nothing they could do, since there to be no save on computer codes and they couldn"t duplicate the problem.

The call owns a 2007 Chrysler Sebring. The contact stated that while driving about 55 mph, the engine stalled v the illumination the the electronic throttle regulate warning indicator. The vehicle restarted and resumed together normal. The auto was taken to an authorized dealer two times and also they to be unable to situate the problem. The identical failure recurred ripe times. In addition, the alternator was changed three times. The manufacturer was notified of the problem. The approximate fail mileage was 50,000.

2007 Chrysler Sebring digital throttle regulate light comes on and also car cannot accelerate stalls nearly toalmost to a finish stop. . . Only transforming off the automobile resets this irradiate for who knows exactly how long it just happens and also is an extremely dangerous. . . This difficulty needs to be addressed before somebody it s okay seriously hurt. . .

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Tl- the contact owns a 2007 Chrysler Sebring. The contact stated that while operating the vehicle in wet and humid conditions the digital throttle sensor light would illuminate and also the vehicles speed would suddenly minimize to approximately 20 mph and the brakes and also power steering would malfunction. In enhancement the engine would erroneously rev really high and the accelerator pedal would loose tension and could be propelled to the floor. The automobile was taken to several regional dealers(unknown) who were unable to duplicate the failures. The car was not repaired. In addition when refueling in chillier weather problems the fuel would spray out of the filler hole. The cause of the fail was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was not informed of the failures. The fail mileage was 10,000. Jft.

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