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I walk change brand-new EGR valve after my automobile failed the emission test. Examine engine light was on when I was taking for the test and also the code reads P0401 Exhaust EGR flow Insufficient.check engine light still on after changing the EGR.Please help me.
Are you certain the egr valve was faulty? They seldom go bad... The could additionally be a faulty egr solenoid or blocked passages. I’ve had actually this password on my mitsubishi twice...first time ns cleaned all passages on the input manifold and also cleared codes..after a few days it came earlier again. Did more research and checked the solenoid and found out it’s not functioning if i use current directly. Changed solenoid and also it’s been 3 years and also no password yet..Egr valves have the right to be confirm if they room faulty...same with the egr solenoid.

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