The ferries of the maritime Highway make up a large partof"s highway system, spanning 3,500 mile of coastline providing service to end 30 communities that stretch native Bellingham, WA to netherlands Harbor inthe Aleutian Chain. Our ferries are diverse and variety from mainlineferries that sail thousands of miles and also make lot of stops, toshuttle ferries that carry out daily links in between neighboringcommunities. This enables riders the versatility to accesscommunities of selection by utilizing one or much more vessel to reachtheir final destination through our regional hubs in Ketchikan,Juneau, Whittier or Homer.

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The Southeast region includes communities from Bellingham,WA and also Prince Rupert, BC, with the inside Passage, to Yakutat.Most neighborhoods in south east obtain year-round servicewith mainline ship serving bigger communities and also day boatsconnecting to smaller communities. During the summer months, theMV Kennicott connects the areas of Southeast and also South Centralwith sailings throughout the Gulf the

Mainline Routes

Bellingham → Ketchikan → Wrangell → Petersburg→ Juneau ↪ Haines → Skagway → Sitka

Prince Rupert → Ketchikan → Wrangell → Petersburg→ Kake ↪ Sitka → Juneau → Haines→ Skagway

Day boat Routes

Juneau → Angoon Juneau → Gustavus →Hoonah Juneau → Haines Juneau →Skagway

Shuttle Routes

Ketchikan → Metlakatla

Sample running Times

Bellingham to Ketchikan: 38 hoursKetchikan come Wrangell: 6 hoursWrangell to Petersburg: 3 hrs 30 minsPetersburg come Juneau: 8 hoursJuneau come Haines: 4 hrs 30 minsHaines come Skagway: 1 hourJuneau to Sitka: 9 hrs 30 minsPrince Rupert to Ketchikan: 7 hoursJuneau come Hoonah: 3 hrs 30 minsKetchikan to Metlakatla: 45 minutes

Across the Gulf that


The South central region includes neighborhoods in PrinceWilliam Sound and also the Kenai Peninsula. These paths provideconnections by roadway to Valdez, Whittier, and also Homer and ferryservice is provided year-round come most neighborhoods in this region.During the summer months, the MV Kennicott associate the regions ofSouth central and Southeast through sailings across the Gulf and the MV Tustumena associate South central with Southwestwith sailings come Kodiak Island and also out the Aleutian Chain.

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Mainline Routes

Bellingham → Ketchikan → Juneau → Yakutat →Whittier ↪ Chenega only → Kodiak → Homer

Sample to run Times

Bellingham come Ketchikan: 38 hoursKetchikan come Juneau: 20 hoursJuneau to Yakutat: 17 hoursYakutat come Whittier: 22 hoursWhittier come Chenega Bay: 4 hrs 30 minsChenega Bay to Kodiak: 14 hoursKodiak to Homer: 9 hours

South main & Southwest


The Southwest an ar includes neighborhoods from the KodiakIsland Archipelago, along the Peninsula, and out theAleutian Chain to netherlands Harbor. Company is detailed year-round tothe neighborhoods of Kodiak, Ouzinkie, and also Port Lions; however,weather constraints preclude ferry company in the winter come othercommunities of this region.

Mainline Routes

Homer → Kodiak → Chignik → Sand point → KingCove ↪ Cold only → False happen → Akutan→ dutch HarborHomer → Seldovia

Homer → Kodiak

Day watercraft Routes

Valdez → Whittier

Cordova → Whittier

Sample running Times

Homer to Kodiak: 9 hoursKodiak come Chignik: 18 hrs 45 minsChignik come Sand Point: 9 hrs 25 minsSand point to King Cove: 6 hrs 45 minsKing Cove to Cold Bay: 2 hoursCold Bay come False Pass: 4 hrs 25 minsFalse happen to Akutan: 10 hrs 30 minsAkutan to netherlands Harbor: 3 hrs 30 minsHomer to Seldovia: 1 hrs 30 minsWhittier come Valdez: 5 hrs 45 minsWhittier come Cordova: 6 hrs 45 mins