Duck - Think external the i cry is another brand-new released puzzle type game indigenous Bart Bonte, who is likewise creators of Bonte Room to escape games. "25 levels for you to cracked while friend quack! The video game is accompanying the dvd novella relax for the movie Duck through Nic Bettauer." great luck and have fun! Play Duck: Think external the Flock

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Nice game, no too challenging though, perfect come play before going come sleep. However, level 17 isn"t the easy.. :( I"m type of stuck.

Great game! the end without any kind of help. The diagonal line one was tricky and also took a if (but obtained it by simply pure luck). Thoroughly enjoyable and it do sense! thanks for such a an excellent and exciting game.

Yeah!! gibberish been able to open EG24 every day...played this at an additional site and also thought it was brilliant...the motion of the ducks was amazing. Thank you for a the majority of fun.

lvl 1: walk to the white spots with your mouse(duck)2: click every duck till they revolve around3: sign the duck v the arrowhead at the finish you need to click on this one4: click the violet duck5: it"s favor a mirror; left = right, right=left, up=down and also down=up so go through you duck come the spots6: go with you computer mouse to the white spots, don"t touch the violet then they will certainly multiply themselves7: click the upper right duck, then the bottom middle duck, then the top left8: take it the white spots native the the smallest to the biggest9: just pick the white spots DON"T touch the purple.. Watch out it"s like a mirror: left=right, right=left, up=down and down=up10: uncover the duck through one eye11: click the ducks till they are in ther very own collored circle12: clock the duck through the arrow.. You require to click on this one once the protect against turn13: touch the white spots with you duck.. Indigenous the smalles come the biggest14: click the ducks till the sit in one horizontal line15: draw the duck away and also you"ll watch a small duck turn it around16: click the duck till they are all turned through there head to youbut currently i need to go i"m sorry :)succes everybodyand sorry for my negative englisch :)

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allright i"ll proceed with lvl 16:first the 3th duck the the bottom line, then the fourth duck the the 2nd line, the 2nd duck indigenous the upperst line, and also the first duck from the 3th line.17: click the duck it spins they are in ther very own collored circle18: only take the white spots. However remember: up=down and also down=up19:drag al ducks far till you view a little duck revolve it around20: look for the duck with the eye ~ above the other side21:only take the white spots. Rememer left=right and right=left22: it"s like the video game memory look because that two exactly same ducks23:drag the 3 big ducks away and wenn castle are replaced drag lock again away you"ll uncover 3 tiny dugs click them.24: click the duck till they room all turned approximately i"m sorry ns don"t understand the stimulate anymore25: do 3 in a rowwell that"s that :)succes everybody :) enjoy

Level 24Click top top the 2nd and 3rd of the upper and lower line.Then click on the corners !Easy finaly !