We had the satisfied of visiting the Cliffs the Moher native Dublin on a day expedition as part of a recent trip to Ireland. This offered me the opportunity to check out these spectacular cliffs for myself, and also to share v you my experience of law so.

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In this post, I’m going to do simply that – speak all around our endure visiting the Cliffs that Moher, and give you every the details you need to arrangement your own trip come this beautiful spot, consisting of tips for just how to acquire from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher, said tours and more!


Visiting the Cliffs the Moher native Dublin ~ above a work Trip

Visiting the Cliffs the Moher indigenous Dublin ~ above a job Trip

Where room the Cliffs that Moher?

The Cliffs of Moher room on Ireland’s west coast, in the Burren region of county Clare. The cliffs large for roughly 14km, or just under 9 miles. Many visitors visit the section close to the midpoint the the cliffs, i beg your pardon is additionally its highest and most spectacular point, back you can walk for part distance in both direction follow me the clifftop walk here.

The closest communities to the cliffs are Lahinch, approximately 15 minutes journey to the south, and Doolin, about ten minute to the north.


How far from Dublin space the Cliffs that Moher?

The Cliffs the Moher are around 170 miles, or 270 kilometres from Dublin. Thankfully, lot of the route across is through motorway, for this reason it’s only approximately a three hour drive, relying on traffic.

How To obtain to the Cliffs the Moher indigenous Dublin?

The easiest, and also one that the most famous ways, to gain from Dublin to the Cliffs the Moher, is to take it a work tour favor this. This is absolutely a recommended option – that easy, someone rather handles steering the irish roads, and you obtain a same amount that time at the cliffs.

It’s also possible to reach the Cliffs of Moher by public transfer from Dublin, return this will take a little of time together there’s no straight route native Dublin.

Buses operation from Galway Bus station (route 350), and take simply over two hrs to acquire to the Cliffs. Native Dublin, you can reach Galway through either straight bus or train. It will certainly take between 2.5 and also 3.5 hours relying on the an approach of transport you take. You deserve to see train time here, and also bus times here.

Finally, another option is come drive. Steering will provide you the most flexibility in terms of your schedule, and if you are travelling together a group of between two and five, can also work out much more cost efficiently than the various other options. Take a look at automobile hire price here.

Best tourism to the Cliffs of Moher native Dublin

There room a variety of companies giving tours to the Cliffs that Moher from Dublin, which vary in what they offer. Here are part options, but do take a look at at every the Cliffs the Moher tours to obtain some idea that what’s easily accessible before making your choice.

As you can see, there space a couple of options because that day tourism to the Cliffs that Moher, depending on where girlfriend depart from and also what you desire to see.

Our advice is to choose a tour with an excellent reviews, that contains a few sights and the Cliffs the Moher such together the Burren nationwide Park. It’s a fair means from Dublin come the Cliffs that Moher, and also you’ll want to maximise the trip.

What deserve to you carry out at the Cliffs of Moher?

The main appeal that the Cliffs of Moher is the significant scenery, together the cliffs rise about 200 metres over the sea below, with a eye-watering upright drop. In plenty of places, this fall is virtually entirely sheer, so vertigo sufferers might not desire to wander as well close.

Along the Cliffs there’s a clifftop walk, well-known the Cliffs the Moher coastal Walk. This is one 18km / 11 mile (each way) go which operation from the town of Doolin come Liscannor. There’s a spaceship bus, the Cliffs the Moher seaside Walk spaceship Bus, which has actually stops at assorted points along the route, an interpretation you have the right to tackle every or component of the route and also then gain the bus back to wherever you started.

The Cliffs that Moher is also popular with film buffs, in particular, the movie the Princess Bride was filmed here, through the Cliffs standing in because that the Cliffs of Insanity. Several of Harry Potter and also the half Blood Prince is also filmed here, v Harry and also Dumbledore apparating at the height of the cliff. See much more about the in our guide to bother Potter filming locations.

Finally, the cliffs are also home come a wide selection of sea birds, with about 30,000 bag of birds making use of the cliffs together a breeding ground – consisting of puffins. Don’t acquire too excited though, they just breed in the much more remote and also inaccessible components of the cliff, so only truly cursed bird watchers are likely to discover them!

Do you need to pay to visit the Cliffs of Moher?

You don’t have to pay to visit the cliffs themselves. However, if you want to park on website there’s a fees to do so. The parking ticket includes entry come the visitor centre together well, so it’s good value. Friend can publication your combined visitor centre and parking ticket digital in breakthrough here.

If you take it a tour, this cover the parking, and also some tourism include accessibility to the visitor centre as well.

Our suffer Taking a Day trip from Dublin come the Cliffs that Moher

As I pointed out above, we went to the Cliffs that Moher indigenous Dublin ~ above a day trip which is a good way to see them.

A fair amount of time that is, if friend don’t occur to meet a guy who sends you ~ above a mission to the many scenic allude on the Cliffs. I’ll acquire to that.

We were picked up by our tour bus in ~ 8am in main Dublin. Very early start is quite typical when acquisition a day expedition from Dublin to the Cliffs the Moher. It’s fairly a long method from one side of the Ireland to the other, and we had to perform it both methods in one day.

The bus walk have totally free WIFI, which consisted of for the truth that the clouds to be low and ominous. I wondered if we’d also be seeing any cliffs – and wondered likewise as come the lucky of friends who’d visited just the day prior to to a rare (for October) clear day.

Of course, clouds do occur to work well because that the sort of photography I like to do, so all was no lost.


With a detour via Limerick, it took us 4 hours, v bathroom break, to get to the Cliffs. Our driver entertained united state on the way, but if you’re not into prolonged periods that time sit on a bus, this could not be because that you.

Arriving at the Cliffs, we were provided ninety minutes to suffer them, and also offered dire warnings as to the risks before us. To it is in fair, human being fall off these cliffs fairly regularly, so the warnings seemed just fair. I pondered if the driver satellite in terror for ninety minutes, wondering if this was going to be the journey whereby he went home with fewer 보다 he had arrived with.

These thoughts were only quick in mine mind though, as we walked up the course towards the height of the cliffs. Which, I have to admit, were mighty impressive. Also having seen many pictures that them, ns still wasn’t rather prepared for your sheer splendour.

At this point I should point out that i am relatively poor at heights, return I often tend to stand close to the edge of things anyway, come see how it feels. In this situation though, my companion threatened me a fate worse than death if i stood too close to the edge, for this reason I withstood the temptation.

Although, looking at the behaviour of my other travellers, that all seemed to desire to obtain a shot as close to the edge as possible, it wasn’t difficult to view why people died increase here. One not correct foot, and also it’s a 200 metre trip straight down onto a relatively unforgiving feather surface.


I lugged my tripod around, and tried to get “the shot”, something ns was struggling v a bit.

Setting mine camera devices up because that the umpteenth time, a chap approached me.

“Do you want to acquire the ideal shot?” that asked.

I indicated that yes, perhaps I did.

“Come over here” the said, beckoning me appropriate to the sheet of precipice.

I gulped, and looked around, wondering if this to be some kind of ireland cliff serial killer, who preyed on gullible photographers searching for “the shot”.

“Don’t worry, I simply need to display you the spot” that reassured me.

“It’s ok, that Roy, he built the walk!” chipped in one of Roy’s companions, that was, ns noticed, stand a for sure distance back from the cliff.

Still, the opportunity to obtain a good shot overcame me, so ns hopped (ok, inched) over to Roy, that was casually stand toe to toe with fatality on the cliff edge. Calling castle the cliffs of insanity appeared apt.

“You view that authorize over there?” claimed Roy, pointing off right into the distance at a tiny white sign.

“That’s where you want to be. An excellent luck.”

And v that that resumed his cliff peak walk v his companions, and also left me come my very own devices.

I consulted my watch. I had about half an hour left, and the sign looked to be about a kilometre away, and also quite a way down. Still, ns figured Roy seemed choose he knew what that was talking about. He had actually a Cliffs of Moher rambling argorial on and also everything.

I threw my tripod over my shoulder, and set off in the direction of the sign.

After a bit of a scramble, plainly past the most popular component of the walk, and also down a hillside that did save on computer the sembleance of a path, we landed on the sign.

Which, ns was quite delighted to discover, go contain a quite view. It looked choose this:


Pleasing clouds? Check? Cliffs happily disappearing away to the horizon? Check. Absence of anyone visible in the shot? Check.

Totally worth the totality day.

Of course, that wasn’t the whole day. We legged it earlier to the bus, because, well, we’d offered up rather a most our time heading come “the spot”. Native there we were taken to the tiny town of Doolin wherein we got hold of some sandwiches, and also then we additional explored the coastline.

We quit off in ~ a damaged church and Dungaire castle, both that which were very, well, church and also castley. Every little thing you would hope indigenous a beach next castle and also a ruined church.


The to mark for me though from the afternoons activities was the limestone landscape of the Burren.

I’m usually averse come describing landscapes as being moon like, as I’ve no been to the moon, plus I’m sure the moon is fairly cloud free, yet the Burren did have actually a lunar feel. Seemingly limitless limestone plateau the nothing stretched out all around, through the “baby” Cliffs of Moher offering the line in between land and sea.

Naturally i took a totality bunch much more photos.


Finally, it to be time to head back to Dublin. Choose I said, this to be a full day, and also we no get back into Dublin till 9pm. Many slept on the bus together we returned, which after a complete day of sight seeing, to be a judicious option.

Tips for Visiting The Cliffs that Moher native Dublin

So would certainly I recommend taking a day tourism to the Cliffs that Moher indigenous Dublin? Well, of course, that depends on you.

For basic day expedition that girlfriend don’t need to think about, that includes a number of attractions on the West Coast, too as cost-free on bus wi-fi, climate a tour prefer the one we did is absolutely worth doing. Ours driver to be friendly and also funny, the tour was clearly well organised, and the bus to be comfortable, through plenty of included attractions beyond the Cliffs to store us occupied.

If girlfriend prefer more flexibility in her schedule, and the ability to stop and see sights at your leisure, climate hiring a car and going at your own speed is likely to work far better for you, and also you more than likely weren’t considering a bus tour anyway.

If you perform this, make certain to buy your Cliffs of Moher ticket online in development to conserve time as soon as you’re there. Girlfriend don’t have to pay come visit the cliffs, but you do have to pay for parking, and also as the ticket includes parking and entry to the visitor centre, it renders sense to acquire it if you’re driving.

The Cliffs the Moher deserve to be saw from Galway, Dublin and other locations in Dublin fairly easily, and there are tours from multiple places as well.

Either way, visiting the Cliffs the Moher should absolutely be on your list for your visit to Ireland. For much more ideas on visiting Ireland, check out every our Ireland blog posts!


PS – if you’re looking to take it a great shot that the Cliffs: native the visitor centre, go as much as the right, past the castle, and also keep going. Go previous all the civilization looking choose they’re walk to loss off, and keep going, at one point the course will descend high solution for about 100m, and also then curve off round to the left, wherein you will view a white sign. From the sign, girlfriend will obtain the view.

It is, i promise you, entirely worth it.

Further reading for her Ireland Adventure

And that sums up our overview to visiting the Cliffs that Moher from Dublin! before you go though, we want to re-publishing some sources that you can find advantageous for planning her trip, both content we’ve developed ourselves, and third party books and also websites that have to come in useful.

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And that’s it! we hope you uncovered our two day Dublin guide useful, and are happy come answer any questions in the comment below.