The floating finish of the motor is additionally called the totally free end, i m sorry is relative to the resolved end; in general, the free end is selected at the non-drive end, yet the motor pack requirements room higher, and the axial corresponding size needs with the load equipment are not an extremely high. In this case, the totally free end will be selected as the drive end.

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When the motor bearing support device is a dual fulcrum and twin bearing structure, the drive finish is additionally used together the cost-free end as soon as the radial pack is large. Specifically for low-voltage, high-power and high-voltage motors, the cylindrical roller bearing at the free end can satisfy the radial load requirements. Large load requirements.

The rollers and also raceways of cylindrical roller bearings are in line contact or under-line contact. The radial pack capacity is large. That is more suitable for bearing hefty loads and affect loads. The inner ring or external ring have the right to be be separate for simple installation and disassembly. This series of bearings has actually a little friction coefficient and is perfect for operating conditions with high speed and also limit rate close to deep groove ball bearings. The an ext commonly used N-type and NU-type cylindrical roller bearings in motors can move axially between the inner and also outer ring of the bearing, which deserve to adapt to transforms in the relative position of the shaft and also the housing caused by thermal expansion or environment errors, and also can be provided as a complimentary end support. However, the bearing has greater requirements because that the machining the the pillar or the bearing room hole, and also the loved one deviation the the inner and outer ring axes after the bearing is set up must it is in strictly controlled to avoid contact stress concentration.

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In the really production and processing process, as result of the actual integration of client or manufacturing resources, especially the repair procedure of the motor, the substitution that bearings will inevitably occur. The much more common one is the interchange the deep groove round bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. , especially when the radial load requirements space high, the deep groove round bearing is often chosen to be changed with a cylindrical roller bearing. If this case exists, the conformity that the axial and also radial matching relationship between the resolved end and the cost-free end bearing should be considered .

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