This song just came on my spotify and I plainly remember it gift in some well known movie step or television show or something choose that. Walk anyone know what movie/scene this is? The song is "Dream a little dream that me" by ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong. Regrettably there is a movie referred to as "dream a tiny dream of me" i beg your pardon is messing up my google browsing process


OP once I review your article I first thought of the male in the High castle episode. Take it a look at this list.

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This is probably a long shot, however after Natalie Cole walk a duet the "Unforgettable" through her father Nat King Cole, Saturday Night Live did a parody where she was doing duets with other artists, dubbed "Unforgivable".

One that the duets was with Chris Farley portraying Mama Cass, singing "Dream A small Dream", and also it to be pretty funny.

Anyway, I always think the Farley whenever ns hear the song.

Was it a kinda poor romantic comedy with Amy Adams and also some scottish guy?

What nation are girlfriend in? A few years back there was an advert for a mattress or something that played that track alll the moment in the UK.

Here's a nice list:

And another:

It was recently in the Trolls movie. Anna Kendrick's personality (Princess Poppy) sings the heat "Stars shining bright over me" when looking up in ~ the stars before getting interrupted by Branch (and convert to "Sounds of Silence").Clip:

Has also been featured top top CSI a pair times, significant once due to the fact that there to be a character named Dreama Little, ~ the song.

I simply watched an illustration of medium the other day that featured the song, so it happened to be in my head :)

Also, Ella Fitzgerald and also Louis Armstrong's version is not the original, but their version was featured in a Hallmark movie, the lost Valentine.

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Other movies that attribute it encompass Grumpier Old Men, Don't say A Word (Brittany Murphy), final scene+end credits of Repo Men, Kevin McHale's rendition top top Glee, Margot Bingham's rendition on Boardwalk Empire.... Etc.