The Water it is provided Fixture Unit - WFSU - is characterized by the American Uniform plumbing Code (UPC) and is offered to calculate the demand in water supply systems.

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One WFSU for a singel unit corresponds to one GPM, or

1 WSFU = 1 GPM

The conversion can only be provided for one or a few fixtures. When many fixtures are included up the number must be compensated due to the intermittent usage of fixtures. The compensation is normally taken care of in probability curves or tables obtainable for sizing water it is provided lines.

When special devices or manifolds space sized the table listed below can be provided to indicate the flowrate. Note that minimum flow rate deserve to never be less than the fixture with the highest possible demand.

The tables listed below can be used to calculation the need in the water supply mechanism when the fill in WSFU is known. There are tables for systems with and without do the washing up valves.

Demand in Water Supply device without do the washing up Valves

1 3 0.41 0.19
2 5 0.68 0.32
4 8 1.07 0.51
8 12.8 1.71 0.81
15 17.5 2.3 1.1
30 23.3 3.1 1.5
50 29.1 3.9 1.8

Demand in Water Supply device with flush Valves


5 15 2 1
7 19.8 2.7 1.3
10 27 3.6 1.7
15 31 4.1 2
20 35 4.7 2.2
30 42 4 1.9
50 50 6.7 3.2

Building Water it is provided Diagram in gal/min


Building Water supply Diagram in l/s


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