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their isn"t goku super saiyan 5 " just goku kaioken,goku at sight saiyan,goku at sight saiyan2,goku supervisor saiyan 3,and son ogong super saiyan 4

finish allllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!! the chapters approximately capter 7 andthen friend canunlock son ogong ssj5

There is no such point as ss5 Goku some *** human being made him up and also y can"t get him ondbz an additional road ok

Super saiyan 5 is do up. It was simply an april fools game that is why it to be calleddragon ball af (meaning dragon round april fools). The factor it was in Dragon sphere zbudokai 3 in ps2 was the a person hacked the game and made a mod dying goku ss3 hair intowhite. Over there is no supervisor saiyan 5 due to the fact that it is all made up. Anyway ss5 is no in dragonball z shin budokai an additional road. Fundimation entertainment also said the ss5 is notreal.

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Super saiyan 5 is make up. It was just an april fools video game that is why it was calleddragon round af (meaning dragon sphere april fools). The reason it was in Dragon round zbudokai 3 in ps2 was the a human being hacked the game and also made a mod dying son ogong ss3 hair intowhite.

there is no ss5 some world made the up favor the show dragon sphere af its all made okay carry out uget it is it in ur brain its all fake

It is ssj5 son ogong cuz once i win omega shenron with gogeta 2 times climate gogeta is adjusted heturn into white his hair because that 10 seconds after the 10 secs gogeta hair turn ago to redagain if i uncovered out exactly how i can unlock him i will say bb.

Hey you ns have complete all thing in 7 and i haven"t unlock him ns say i have actually defeat twiceshin shenron and also only for 10 2nd i have him in ss5.

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There is a means to obtain ss5 whit no mode you have to go to arcade win 10 battles whit gokuss4 then go to bonus you need to click 30 times not much more not less then go to exercise choosegoku vs vegetaAnd girlfriend will watch that you are goku ssj5

Kill child buu 5 times and go to arcade usage goku ssj5 and go to bonus click 30 time notless not an ext and walk to practice and choose goku vs vegeta taeee



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