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Dragon ball Z: Shin Budokai - one more Road Cheats because that PSP

it is in in supervisor Saiyan form when starting a battle! To start in super Saiyan kind when you automatically start a battle, organize R when selecting your character and also press X, and you"ll hear a "cling" sound, various from normally picking your character with no R hosted down. Remember, for this to work, you have to hold under R and also press X ~ above the super Saiyan form when choosing, no the normal one.

Contributed by: darthloaded

just how to unlock ""Bonus"" section

Beat arcade setting once through anybody and then go to the choices menu and also select bonus, and also you deserve to listen to in-game music and play "dragon click"

Contributed by: sleepingdragon9

Unlockable characters

Go transparent story setting (Another Road) to unlock the following characters:

Unlockable Unlockable loss him as goku in thing 5 complete Mission 2 in chapter 4 defeat him in Level 2 in thing 2 finish the straight course in thing 6 acquire a B rank fighting with son Buu in thing 7 get a last rank the A-Z in the last chapter defeat him in ~ the alternate path of thing 3 complete Level 3 in thing 7 finish Level 2 in chapter 7 complete Chapter 5 Get finishing A (Can be acquired by no letting opponents destroy any city in the last chapter) finish all 7 chapters come unlock the in arcade mode
Cooler (Final Form)
Goku at sight Saiyan 4
Majin Vegeta
Picolo (Fuse through Kami)
Super Buu v Gohan absorbed
Super Buu with Gotenks absorbed
Super Saiyan Future Gohan
Vegeta (Majin)

Contributed by: EvilIntentRyu, CollinD31693, SetsunaX2012, 037BlackKnight, ilyas151199, Venom_ZADZ

Walkthroughs & FAQs

form Name paper Size Character faqs Character faqs Character faqs Character faqs Character frequently asked questions Character frequently asked questions general FAQs in-depth FAQs
Broly by DrunkenPiliot72 16K
Cell by DrunkenPiliot72 16K
Future Trunks by DrunkenPiliot72 18K
Teen Gohan by DrunkenPiliot72 15K
Trunks by DrunkenPiliot72 18K
Vegeta by DrunkenPiliot72 19K
FAQ/Walkthrough by Nick_Kazama 145K
Challenge FAQ through blue_infusion 24K