When ns was I boy I never got a opportunity to very own the game. I clocked away countless hours at friends houses, yet never had actually my very own copy. I began playin my old PS2 the various other day and also realized just how unbelievably great it would certainly be to lastly get my hands on BT3. However, everwhere ns look it's priced native $49.00 (which is already out of mine price range)-$199.00. What's also crazier is that all of these seem used! ns was hope to score the for prefer 10-15 bucks, considering that is like roughly 7-9 year old. Such a bummer, i guess owning one of my favorite games from my favorite collection just isn't in the cards. Why is it so damn expensive?!


It's the 2nd hand market. Sellers have the right to sell their stuff because that as lot as they want.

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Bunch that bastards.

That's such a bummer. Ns remember when Gamestop still sold PS2 gamings I bought Tenkaichi Budokai 3, but when I acquired home I found that to be in reality not the game in the case. Instead I obtained DBZ: Sagas in a BT3 box. Ns took it back to Gamestop and also basically told me that they'd buy it earlier for keep credit, i beg your pardon was less than what i paid for it. Castle were an overwhelming and dishonest, and also eventually revealed the they didn't also have BT3 in stock. That whole experience was absurd, they were basically telling me to "fuck off" every action of the way, as soon as all i wanted was what ns paid for. I have actually refused to walk to Gamestop since then (2009...maybe 2010 ns think?). Therefore yeah, the world really doesn't want me to have this fucking game and also it provides me sad.

Considering there is no means to to buy the game brand new I'm comfortable saying this.

If you have a Wii, try there! It's no different than the PS2 variation except included on (optional) movement controls.

If you don't have actually a Wii, but do have a great computer (I have actually an HD4400 graphics chip and also it operation great) then I absolutely recommend downloading and install Dolphin and getting BT3 because that Wii the way, i beg your pardon doesn't call for a Wiimote. The game has full game pad assistance so you can use a key-board or even plug in a controller.

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It works good and if your computer system has the juice then you can bump increase the resolution, and also with the cartoon art layout it looks like a brand brand-new game at 1080p.

Hah! 1080p is so bleh - if you ever before saw it in ~ 4x native resolution (2560x2112p), i think you'd cry!

I obtained it because that $10 ago in 2009. I shed it and also ended increase buying the again in 2011 for $35 it to be so worth it. I have actually a backwards compatible ps3 so i play that pretty often :) gamings freakin funny yo