Dr. Mortimer is a home surgeon who left his London exercise in stimulate to set up house and a country practice in the Devonshire moors near Baskerville Hall through his wife and dog. Mortimer is a phrenologist and also believes the a person’s most intimate characteristics can be understood through careful measurement and examination that his skull. Indeed, he feels the separation, personal, instance predisposed come whatever features his or her skull imbues. As such, the takes good interest in the skull that Sherlock Holmes once they an initial meet. Due to the fact that Holmes is such a singular character, Mortimer is sure he must have a singular skull. Mortimer was a girlfriend of sir Charles Baskerville and is the factor that Holmes and Dr. Watson are an initial brought right into the case. He is observant and scientific, finding out unnoticed footprints left behind by a dog in ~ the scene of teacher Charles’ death. That is also considerate, sharing the information around the footprints only with Holmes and also Watson for fear of resulting in a panic among the moor’s occupants. Mortimer’s familiarity v both dogs and the Baskerville legend make him miscellaneous of a red herring, at least until his very own dog goes missing on the moors.

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Mr. Sherlock Holmes, that was usually very late in the mornings, save upon those no infrequent occasions as soon as he remained up all night, was seated at the breakfast-table. I stood ~ above the hearthrug and picked up the pole which ours visitor had actually left behind that the night before.

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