"At the conclusion of his report ~ above the problem of the countytreasurer"s office in Natrona county, Assistant State Examiner A.L. Putnam has written come the county commissioners together follows: "Theexamination the the county treasurer"s office proved that the booksof the treasurer, miss out on McDonald, are well and neatly kept and also theduties the the office most successfully performed. Natrona county isto it is in congratulated top top having had for the past two terms sofearless and efficient one officer in this vital office."

Miss McDonald is the just woman county treasurer in the UnitedStates, and also it is for sure to say that no county any kind of where has a moreefficient officer. Throughout the almost four years that she hascollected the county"s taxes and also handled the cash, there has actually notbeen a single error discovered on the books. It is to be regrettedthat she is compelled to retire at the finish of her existing term onaccount that the statutes, which carry out that ar treasurers canserve however four years."

"Declared by county authorities to be a "second Fagin," ClaudeL. Benson, 14, proprietor of a small lunch stand in phibìc Casper,is in custody in ~ the ar jail, awaiting trial on a charge ofconbarisalcity.orguting to youth delinquency.

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"Like Fagin in the Dickens classic, "Oliver Twist," Benson hadbeen deliberately cultivating thievery by a team of young boys....

"Nine lads, ranging from 10 come 15 years of age and also the many ofthem 12, had talked freely. They had told ... Of exactly how they hadstolen milk and empty bottles, food native the pantry shelves intheir homes, and also other articles, that they might sell lock toBenson.

"He had a varying scale of prices, together as 7 cents for anempty quart milk bottle and nine cents for a complete bottle. ...Benson paid them turn off in "trade"--hamburgers, candy and pop."

"After promise they wouldn"t go swimming again in the citys"gravel pits in the Platte river bottoms eastern of the city limits,nine boys, three girls and a married mrs were released in policecourt last night by Judge man Hancock.

"The party of 13 was arrested by police top top a trespassing charge,after they were uncovered swimming in among the pits. Authorities havebanned swimming in the pit pools, scene of tragic drownings inyears past."

"A Casper youth was eliminated in a freak accident on the MysteryBridge road three miles eastern of below ... When his head, protrudingfrom the car window, to win a steed along the road.

"He to be seated in the best rear seat ... And also apparently had hishead exterior the window when the auto sideswiped a horse. ... Theanimal ran turn off after the accident."

Strolling the shopping mall -- "The sunlight will increase on Casper"s newestshopping facility sometime in 1961. Referred to as the Sunrise ShoppingCenter, it will certainly occupy 17 1/2 acre of level expanse south of 39th,and west of southern Poplar, in the mushrooming southwest suburbs.

"Sunrise will certainly be different. The structures will be erected ofsecond hand bricks. The roofs will be hand-split shakes. The designcolonial."

This spring, a great horned owl nested on the roof aboveFlanigan"s Furniture in the Sunrise to buy Center.

"BASIN -- A crowd of supporters cried and also prayed as Dr. John H.Story was sentenced Tuesday to offer 15 to 20 years inprison for raping a number of his female patients duringgynecological examinations. ...

"More 보다 80 of the Lovell doctor"s friends and acquaintancesfilling the big Horn County district court stood to applaud Storyas the was carried before 5th District referee Gary Hartman.

"Story was convicted in mid-April of 6 of nine counts ofsexual attack that developed when the women experienced him at his officebetween 1967 and 1977. ...

"Story, attract a white increased on his lapel, smiled and also waved athis supporters who began to clap in unison as he entered thecourtroom. They wore white armbands indicating the doctor"s "purityand innocence," one supporter said. ...

"Story obtained sentences for each offense ranging from aminimum the 10 years for a counting of second-degree sexual attack toa maximum punish of 20 years for 2 counts the forcible rape.

"Story"s sentences will be served concurrently. ... Story is now58 year old and would be 73 if he serves the minimum sentence of15 years. ...

"The one victim who concerned the sentencing stated the othervictims were also frightened to appear. She came, she said, becauseshe no much longer lives in Lovell and is unafraid of communityrepercussions.

"Victims of the doctor have said their resides in Lovell havechanged irrevocably due to the fact that of the hostility of Story"ssupporters."

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The rule to limit public comment to be established before that part of the meeting began, however several trustees voiced frustration with the decision through the meeting’s end.


Jai-Ayla pursuit was selected by the board of directors on Tuesday to represent Ward 1 in the chair left open up in respectable when former council member Khrystyn Lutz relocated to Lander. 

The Casper Star-barisalcity.orgune asked readers to submit your memories that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. ~ above the 20th anniversary of that damaging day, here"s a sampling the responses from around Wyoming.

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Investigators uncovered the victim"s human body in a creek near a homestead residential or commercial property on the northeast side of Coal mountain Road. He had been stabbed at the very least 25 times.