Profession: Miscellaneous
Date that birth: Oct 29, 1967
Age: 53
Net worth: 3 Million
Birth Place: Denver, CO
elevation (m): 1.70
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

The American bail bondsman, Beth Chapman, well-known for showing up in collection like ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’. In the series, she had actually appeared in addition to her husband Duane Lee ‘Dog’ Chapman Sr. Additionally, she likewise appeared in television fact shows favor ‘Dog and Beth: ~ above The Hunt’ and also ‘Dog’s most Wanted’.

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According to Foxnews, in one interview v Beth’s daughter top top 21 august 2019, her mother lost her life after gift diagnosed v cancer and lost consciousness in her last days. Continue to be tuned to read on more information top top her personal life, work, net worth, and much more information on she death.


Caption: Beth Chapman and also husband Duane ChapmanSource: Variety

Beth Chapman: Bio, Family, Education, Career

Chapman to be born on 29 October 1967 as Alice Elizabeth Smith, in Denver, Colorado, the U.S. She was born as the daughter come Garry L. Smith who worked as a Brach’s liquid salesman. There is not much details on she family, brother or education. In addition, she spent the majority of her at an early stage life in Colorado prior to moving come Honolulu.

Before working as a bail bondsman, she had done some minor jobs consisting of a nightclub singer, waitress, and also clerk. She had actually revealed that once she had a enthusiasm for gift a gymnast and an ice cream skater. However, she end up picking professional bail bondsman at the age of 19, after affected by she future husband Duane Chapman.


Caption: Beth and also Duane Chapman from the present ‘Dog’s most Wanted’Source: Today

At the age of 29, she became the youngest licensed skilled bail bondsman in Colorado history. She started to job-related with she husband Duane after ~ meeting v him and also began to show up in the television mirrors as well. She starred in the collection ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ adapted from the 2003 A&E collection ‘Take This Job’, which later on resulted in her to be famous widely.

Then in 2013, she appeared in the series ‘Dog and Beth: on the Hunt.’ The show featured Beth and Duane helping various other bail bond agencies to keep a continual bounty hunter business. Further, she also debuted as an executive, management producer for 13 illustration of the series. Except that, she likewise made guest appearances in series like ‘Corner Gas’ and ‘Hawaii Five-0.’ In 2017, Beth returned to television and made an illustration in collection titled ‘Dog and Beth: fight of your Lives’, wherein she together with her husband decided to share she story the fighting cancer.

Beth Chapman: personal Life, Husband, & Death

Coming end to her an individual life, she an initial met Duane in 1986 and also had an on-and-off romantic partnership over 10 years, till 1995. Climate they made decision to live together and took almost twenty years to tie the knot on might 20, 2006, in ~ Waikoloa village in Hawaii. Together, they have actually welcomed two children: Bonnie yone Chapman and also Garry Chapman. Although it’s no the first time the they space in a relationship.

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Beth offered birth come Dominic Davis blacksmith in 1985 in ~ the period of 17 with her ex-boyfriend. She had actually to handover Dominic to state custody since she was too young to take treatment of a child. Later, she married Keith A. Barmore and had a daughter named Cecily in 1993. However, her partnership didn’t last long and finally separated. After ~ marrying Duane, he embraced Cecily together well. On the other hand, Chapman Sr had married four times before marrying Beth.