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A Christmas nightmare only Ebenezer Scrooge might have imagined became a truth after a famous dog treat practically killed a beloved dog top top Christmas day.

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A Missouri mrs is the latest in a long string the pet parental to warn about a product she says almost killed one of her Italian Greyhounds.

Gina McFarland says she offered her dogs a product called the actual Ham Bone for a Christmas treat. But, instead of safety Christmas through the fire while her dogs delighted in their bones, she ended up rushing among them to an pet emergency clinic.

Splintered bones blamed

A veterinarian at the clinic claims the product splintered inside the dog bring about digestion problems that led to repeated vomiting and dehydration that practically led to among her dog dying.

“Dogs have ingested this bone, chewed the bone and also it’s acquired lodged in their stomach,” stated Bill Smith, one investigator v the better Business Bureau. He stated in some cases dogs have died. Customer complaints have been lodged from throughout the country over the assets potential harm.

Dangerous regardless of vigilant supervision

Despite the warning brand on the product telling pet parents to supervise dogs while chewing on the bone, Ms. McFarland states she was supervising she dogs, however that they began vomiting before she might help.

“I want them taken off the shelves and also I don’t desire anybody rather to go v what I’ve unable to do through,” stated Ms. McFarland.

A dark history, dating earlier years

When hearing of this tragic Christmas tale, i did part investigating. Ns found many complaints about this product, some dating earlier years. As with Ms. McFarland’s dogs, many dogs have actually suffered and also some have died as a direct result of these bones.

Company under investigation

Last year, Dynamic pet Products, the an equipment of the dog bones, was under examination by the Food and Drug administration (FDA) between reports that scores of dog have become seriously ill or died after eat the manufacturers treats.

Pet owners say the hickory acting pork femur bones have actually splintered and also caused your dogs to come to be violently ill or also die. Unfortunately, the FDA has actually yet come take action of any kind of kind.

Splinters, broken bones

Typically, a dog health difficulties surface in ~ minutes of chewing on the treat. Pets parents notification the law has damaged apart, or the bone has been completely ingested, they take it it away and also a quick time later on the dogs are gravely ill, trying, yet unable to vomit or vomiting profusely without any stomach components emerging native the ongoing effort.

Internal bleeding, blockages

The fragments of the bone deserve to perforate the lining that the stomach or the intestines causing interior hemorrhaging or the bone pieces can lodge in the intestines and create a blockage in the colon.

If the dogs space ably to pass the bone fragments in their feces, that can cause terrible pan because that the dogs trying to pass a stool. The sharp piece can damages the lining that the colon causing rectal bleeding, bloody diarrhea or stools.

Blame the consumer

When owners have actually approached the firm for restitution, lock are referred to Dynamic’s insurance firm and are later denied financial compensation.

Cruelly, all claims are denied citing it to be the owners obligation to monitor your dogs when “enjoying their product”.

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Refusal to expropriate responsibility

A pet parental whose dog Trace passed away as a an outcome of the treat was told through Dynamic’s insurance agency who denied her insurance claim with the following statement:

“As you space aware, a pet owner is responsible for appropriately feeding and monitoring their pets. Castle are additionally responsible for keeping an education related to the appropriate diet for their pets.”

Sad, however not contrite

Company chairman Dave Frick said in a statement released yesterday that, although “we space saddened to discover of the illness of any type of of our customers’ pets”, that reminded pet parents the the fault lay completely at your feet because,

“…that is why every package includes a brand that provides thorough instructions to owner on just how they can assist their pets ideal enjoy our products. We strongly encourage owner to supervise your pets with any treats or snacks. We will continue to administer quality, safe commodities to our customers.”

How to protect your dog indigenous dangerous treats?

What have to you do? Don’t buy them. Period. Pet parents should additionally be conscious of one more treat tho on the market causing serious problems, chicken jerky treats of any kind of kind. Should any kind of pet parents have actually the misfortune to have actually a run in through these treats or have a difficulty with any pet food or medicine they can and should report any type of health troubles their dogs endure to the FDA consumer Complaint Coordinator in their region.


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