Addy Pastrana takes daddy on a thrill ride roughly the yard. Travis Pastrana is a legendary action sports athlete who gained fame very first as a supercross racer, then as a freestyle motocross star who conquered the X gamings year after ~ year by performing mind-boggling tricks when soaring 40 feet above ground.

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Now, though, another Pastrana shows up to have arisen a craving because that speed and also motorized thrills. Addy Pastrana is only 1 year old, but she’s currently learning to ride and, like her superstar dad, she has actually trouble laying off the throttle.

The accompanying footage reflects Travis and Addy speeding in circles around their grassy backyard, with Travis gripping the handlebars and at times using an outstretched foot to guard versus a potential fall. Addy, throughout the ride, is actually managing the accelerator (and ignoring the brake).

“I’m not sure if she no understand how to slow-moving down or simply likes to go fast,” Travis declared on Facebook. “Either way, funny times!”

In the footage, Travis have the right to be heard yelling, “Slow down, slow-moving down, sluggish down! … Let turn off the throttle!”

It’s worth noting, because that the sake of concerned parents, that Addy is attract a helmet, they are riding top top grass, and also Travis can manage a motorcycle as well or far better than anyone on the planet.


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