Ever since he an initial showed up together eveyone"s favorite lovable jerk, Steven Stifler, in the American Pie movies, Seann wilhelm Scott is a face and a surname that world have well-known quite well because the at an early stage 2000s. We all fell in love through his goofy antics and also charming face, and even though he"s not quite anywhere like the was earlier then anymore, he"s still one of our favorites. Below are 10 points you most likely didn"t know around the guy!


He has six siblings (all of whom are from his parents" ahead marriages). Funny fact: his older brother, Dan Scott, to be a starting member of The Onion.

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He to be on his method to audition because that the display when he was robbed by gang members in South main L.A. They took his shirt, shoes, and money.

3) He got interested in exhilaration from functioning at a movie theater


He apparently spent every one of his free time the town hall movies for free.

4) He had actually a couple of random roles prior to American Pie

He was in a advertisement for clear Delight, and had one appearance together a football player in Aerosmith"s "Hole in my Soul" video.

The facts just obtain weirder native here...

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He thrived up near the Eden Prairie mall whereby the movie to be filmed, had a poster that it above his bed, and was ecstatic when readily available to occupational with Kevin blacksmith on Jay and also Silent Bob win Back.

6) but he"s no a substantial fan of several of his own movies

Warner Bros.

He"s gone on document as saying The Dukes of Hazzard to be the worst point he"s ever before worked on.

7) He"s had actually some... Exciting fan encounters

He was as soon as approached through a guy for an autograph together his daughter to be a vast fan the American Pie. Scott happily agreed, but was horrified when he met the daughter and discovered she was 7 year old.

Scott insisted top top doing all of his own stunts and actually went with a pretty vigorous martial arts training regimen to make it convincing.

9) He"s been doing a most voice exhilaration in recent years

He"s had actually a recurring duty as Crash the opossum in the Ice Age franchise.

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10) He"s also been managing some an individual stuff lately

He checked himself right into a therapy facility in 2011 because that "health and personal issues" that have actually yet to be explained. He perfect the routine in a month.

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