Raini Rodriguez Biography and also Early Life

Raini Rodriguez is one American actress and singer. She to be born Raini-Alena Rodriguez ~ above July 1, 1993 in Bryan, Texas, unified States and also she was likewise raised there. She to be born to she parents named Roy Rodriguez (Father) and also Diane Rodriguez (Mother). She thrived up with 3 siblings called Rico Rodriguez (Brother), Roy Jr Rodriguez (Brother) and Ray Rodriguez (Brother).

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Raini Rodriguez network Worth

Raini Rodriguez is an American actress and also singer who has an approximated net worth of $2 million. She earns end $300 thousand as salary annually.

Raini Rodriguez Career

Raini Rodriguez’s talents were found by Susan Osser at an IMTA Showcase in California. Susan Osser is a talent certified dealer based in California. After gift discovered, Susan worked as she manager. She and her brothers Rico later on moved to Los Angeles, California from Texas to go after a career in the entertain industry.

Over the years, Raini Rodriguez has appeared in films, TV shows and series like Parker in 2007, Babysitters Beware in 2008, Paul Blart: mall Cop, part of Water and also Gordita in 2009, Prom and Last opportunity Lloyd in 2011, Girl in development in 2012, as soon as Marnie was There in 2014, Paul Blart: mall Cop 2 and Bob’s broken Sleigh in 2015. Huff in 2006, comfortable Manny, family members of the year and also The Suite life the Zack & Cody in 2007, i’m in the band in 2010, Austin & allied from 2011 until 2016, True Jackson, VP and also The Tonight present with Jay Leno in 2015, Mutt & stuff in 2016, Vampirina in 2017, twin Dare in 2018, Knight formation in 2019 and also more.

In 2012, she released her solitary titled Living her dreams and she was also featured on the album dubbed Disney Channel play it according to alongside Austin & Ally.

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Raini Rodriguez education (High School and also College)

Raini Rodriguez didn’t attend High college or College. She was home-schooled by her mother.

Raini Rodriguez Parents

Raini Rodriguez was born to she parents named Roy Rodriguez (Father) and also Diane Rodriguez (Mother). Her father passed away at the age of 52 on march 12, 2017.

Raini Rodriguez Origin and Nationality

Raini Rodriguez is the Spanish origin. She is of American nationality.

Raini Rodriguez Siblings

Raini Rodriguez grew up with three siblings named Rico Rodriguez (Brother), Roy Jr Rodriguez (Brother) and Ray Rodriguez (Brother).

Raini Rodriguez Sister

Raini Rodriguez no have any sister, rather, she thrived up with three siblings called Rico Rodriguez (Brother), Roy Jr Rodriguez (Brother) and Ray Rodriguez (Brother).

Raini Rodriguez Kids

Raini Rodriguez has actually a daughter named Andrea Rodriguez.

Raini Rodriguez Girlfriend

Raini Rodriguez doesn’t have a girlfriend, rather, she remained in a relationship with Calum Worthy Billy Unger.

Raini Rodriguez Height and Weight

Raini Rodriguez stands in ~ a elevation 5 ft 1 inch. She weighs 77 kg.

Raini Rodriguez Husband

Raini Rodriguez is no yet married, rather, she remained in a connection with Calum Worthy Billy Unger.

Raini Rodriguez Zodiac Sign

Raini Rodriguez was born on July 1, 1993 and also her zodiac authorize is Cancer.

Raini Rodriguez Residence

Raini Rodriguez lives in Los Angeles, California, unified States.

Social Media Presence

Rodriguez has actually over 2 million Instagram followers, over 400 thousands Twitter followers and also she is also energetic on Facebook and a organize of various other social media networks.

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Controversies, rumors and legal issues

Since comes to limelight, Rodriguez there is no been connected to any kind of known controversy, rumors and legal issues.

Facts around Raini Rodriguez

Net Worth  $2 million
Salary  Over $300 thousands annually
Income Source  Actress and singer
Birthday  July 1, 1993
Education  Home-schooled
Parents  Roy Rodriguez (Father) and also Diane Rodriguez (Mother)
Origin  Spanish 
Siblings  Rico Rodriguez (Brother), Roy Jr Rodriguez (Brother) and also Ray Rodriguez (Brother)
Kids  Andrea Rodriguez (Daughter)
Girlfriend  None 
Sister  None 
Husband  Unmarried 
Zodiac Sign  Cancer 
Height  5 ft 1 inch
Weight  77 kg 
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  Spanish 
Residence  Los Angeles, California, unified States