Prince Royce"s job Highlights

Prince Royce has actually started to compete in talent shows and likewise participated in the choir during his school days.He had actually started make music with a partner called Jino at the period of fifteen. Castle were also known as "Jino and also Royce, El Duo Real".When he was sixteen, he adopted the phase name "Prince Royce" and also started do music with his longtime friend and also record producer Donzell Rodriguez, and Vincent Outerbridge.On march 2, he released his debut studio album "Prince Royce" which became hit in a brief time. The album debuted ~ above the Billboard optimal Latin Albums graph at number 15, it also reached Number 1 top top the united state Billboard dry Albums Chart and finally reached Number 1 on the united state Latin Albums. The album ended up being one that the most famous albums the the year and also it deserve him numerous nominations and awards.In April 2011, the collaborated v Puerto Rican reggaeton artist dad Yankee ~ above the track "Ven Conmigo" and also in the following month, that signed with Atlantic Records.On April 10, 2012, Prince Royce exit his second studio album, "Phase II" which became a substantial success. The debuted top top the Billboard Tropical songs chart at number 1 and also reached number 1 ~ above the Billboard Latin songs chart. The album was certified platinum in the US and Puerto Rico 6 months ~ its release.On November 19, 2012, he exit his compilation album, #1"s which was a repertoire of his hits. The album to be debuted on the Billboard Latin Albums graph at number 3.Later on, the signed a record attend to Sony Music to chat to release his 3rd Spanish-language studio album under Sony Music Latin and debut English-language record under RCA Records.In 2013, Prince Royce appeared as a coach in an American to sing competition television collection "The Voice" i m sorry broadcasted ~ above NBC.On October 8, 2013, he released his 3rd studio album, soybean beans el Mismo and also reached number 14 ~ above the Billboard 200 chart, number 1 on multiple Latin charts. It was likewise certified three-times platinum in the Latin field.In 2015, Prince Royce sang the song "My Angel" because that the well-known American activity movie "Fast & Furious 7".On July 24, 2015, his fourth studio album, double Vision to be released which was additionally his very first album come be generally recorded in English. The album includes singles such as "Stuck ~ above a Feeling" i m sorry featured Snoop Dog, ‘Back the Up’ i m sorry featured Jennifer Lopez and also Pitbull, "Double Vision" i m sorry featured Tyga and also "Dangerous" featured son Ink.In 2016, Prince Royce made an figure in a TV series "East Los High", i beg your pardon aired ~ above the Hulu Network. In the same year, he likewise played Saint Peter in an American music TV special,"The Passion" which was transfer by Fox. Top top February 24, 2017, his 5th studio album "Five" to be released by Sony Music Latin. It consists of collaborations with several artists such as Shakira, chris Brown, Zendaya, Farruko, Gerardo Ortiz, Gente de Zona, and also Arturo Sandoval.Prince Royce appeared as a judge in a Spanish-language fact talent show, Pequenos Gigantes USA in 2017.In 2019, he appeared in an American musical truth competition television series, Lip Sync Battle.Prince Royce exit his sixth studio album, transform Ego ~ above February 7, 2020, by Sony Music Latin.

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It consists of seven singles such together "El Clavo", "Adicto", "Curame", "Morir Solo", "Trampa", "Dec. 21" and also "Cita".The album has collaborations through artists such together DaniLeigh, Marc Anthony, Wisin & Yandel, Zion & Lennox, Manuel Turizo, and also Maluma.