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Rabbits room designed come eat and digest fiber discovered in plant material High in fiber for day-to-day digestive health fortified with vitamins and also minerals because that optimum health and wellness Formulated v the accuse of top veterinarians and nutritionists
Timothy Grass Meal; Soybean Hulls; Soybean Meal; Cane Molasses; Wheat Middlings; salt Bentonite; Soybean Oil; Salt; Lignin Sulfonate; Hydrolyzed Yeast; Choline Chloride; Vitamin E Supplement; Zinc Sulfate; Yeast Culture; Zinc Proteinate; Niacin; Copper Sulfate; d-Calcium Pantothenate; Manganous Oxide; Riboflavin Supplement; Biotin; Thiamine Mononitrate; Magnesium Sulfate; Copper Proteinate; Vitamin A Supplement; salt Selenite; Manganese Proteinate; Pyridoxine Hydrochloride; Folic Acid; Vitamin D3 Supplement; Cobalt Carbonate; Vitamin B12 Supplement; Calcium Iodate

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein min 14.00%Crude Fat min 2.00%Crude Fiber min 25.00%Crude Fiber max 29.00%Moisture max 10.00%Calcium min 0.35%Calcium max 0.75%Phosphorus min 0.25%Vitamin A (min) 10;000 IU/kgVitamin D (min) 900 IU/kgVitamin E (min) 190 IU/kg

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