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though there might be other reasons the Ophelia take away no revenge on Hamlet for killing she father, the one the seems most verifiable is the she has actually a complete mental breakdown. Although over there is some sense in her madness, she seems incapable currently of plotting and also carrying the end an attack...

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Though there might be other reasons that Ophelia take away no revenge ~ above Hamlet because that killing her father, the one that seems most verifiable is the she has a complete mental breakdown. Although over there is some sense in she madness, she seems incapable currently of plotting and carrying the end an assault on an additional person. Once she is following seen, after ~ Polonius"s murder, she is to sing songs that reflect both her sadness the her father is dead and also her feelings concerning her former relationship and/or breakup with Hamlet. First, she sings,

"He is dead and gone, lady, that is dead and also gone,At his head a grass-green turf, in ~ his heels a stone" (4.5.28-31).

This song seems to be around her father who was hidden shortly ~ his death by the king and queen. She will certainly not answer questions she is asked, and also she simply tells people to listen as she sings. This is no the means someone who is sane and reasonable would speak to their sovereigns. Several of her various other songs resolve her connection with Hamlet. For example, she sings,

"Tomorrow is Saint Valentine"s day, all in the morning betime,And ns a maid at your window, to be your Valentine.Then increase he rose, and donned his clothes, and dupped the room door.

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Let in the maid that out a maid never ever departed more" (4.5.47-54).

Here, she sings a song around a girl who will go to she lover"s home window early top top Valentine"s Day; the lover will certainly let her in, and though the girl go in a virgin, she will certainly not come the end of the room a virgin. Given the sexual nature of this and also other songs, it seems as though she and also Hamlet may have been intimate. However, if Ophelia were still in her right mind, she would never ever reveal together a thing to anyone, allow alone Hamlet"s family, the king and queen!

When her brother, Laertes, watch her, he states that she is "A document in madness" (4.5.178), and when Gertrude defines Ophelia"s drowning, she claims that Ophelia to be "As one i can not qualify of her very own distress" (4.7.177). Ophelia is clearly no longer herself; she mind has deserted her likely as a result of every her unsustainable losses. How can she carry out a revenge plot against anyone?