You have actually heard it, I have heard it, we have heard it. Yes, we’ve heard the rumors linking Nicki Minaj to plastic surgery. The rapper’s beauty is the talk of the day since it has actually raised everyone’s eyebrows through the huge question being, is it natural or courtesy of cosmetics procedures? The rapper’s alleged beauty, beauty transformations have actually been top top the receiving finish of criticism end the selections of she cosmetic procedures.

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How go Nicki Minaj Look prior to the Purported Plastic Surgery?


Before plastic surgery

Before the alleged cosmetic procedures, from she “prior to” images, Nicki Minaj looked simply like any type of other indigenous Trinidadian. She still to be beautiful, we need to admit. Before shooting come fame, Nicki Minaj’s breasts to be slightly smaller sized than their recent days vice versa, her nose was slightly wider and much less sharp contrasted to its current appearance. Her this were contempt duller than now and her body figures less curvaceous.

What Cosmetic measures did Nicki Minaj Undergo?

Even despite Nicki Minaj has for a lengthy time stayed in denial that she has not any cosmetic work-related done on her body, she die-hard fans have actually stood the ground the the ears might lie but not the eyes. Follow to them, the rapper must have actually at the very least undergone a combination of a sleep job, Botox, boob job, butt augmentation, and teeth surgical procedure in a bid to achieve her curvaceous beautiful looks. This allegations have actually were backed up by experts with Dr. Miami, in particular, saying that Minaj believed the surgeon was insinuating to have actually the procedures performed appropriate in his office.

Nose Job

From her old photos, prior to the year 2009 to it is in specific, we deserve to unanimously agree that Nicki Minaj had a spicy nose. It is undeniable. However, in post-2009 images, the rapper’s nose has actually raised plenty of people’s eyebrows since it is slimmer, sharper, with a prominent nose bridge. This contradicts the “prior-to-2009” Minaj’s sleep leaving her fans through speculation the accredits the adjust to a nose job.


Nicki Minaj however broke her silence on the concern when she denied having had actually such a procedure. Speaking during an interview through Extra’s Renee Bargh, the rapper said, “They’ll watch contour and also they’ll think you had surgery on her nose, no no no, look at ‘RuPaul’s traction Race’ and you’ll see how you deserve to make your sleep look any kind of shape girlfriend want. When people see my assembly they think all types of crazy things that i’m doing to my skin, however it’s makeup.”

While Nicki Minaj stays mum around the allegations pinning she to Boob job, a compare of she “before 2010” and also “after 2017” speak louder 보다 words. Her cleavage that seemed to flourish bigger and bigger between 2010 and also 2017 resulted in a lot of whispers and also eventually boob task rumors among the public. The observation has sparked the conclusion the Niki Minaj has had multiple chest augmentation which took place in between the over year brackets. Initially, Nicki had actually smaller boobs contrary to the size of her boobs currently seems to have defied gravity over the years.

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Nicky Minaj butt Implants

Nicki Minaj’s butt is an additional area of concern. Her assets it seems ~ to be unnaturally large giving her wardrobes malfunctions besides having difficulties fitting right into costumes. At part point, her butt explodes if performing on stage. These observations have actually stirred increase the conclusion the the “Anaconda” rapper might have had butt augmentation. Indigenous the experts’ desk, Dr. Miami share he said of the story saying, “It does appear that she’s had actually some sort of augmentation in the gluteal area. It looks choose she had actually gluteal implants placed, or perhaps acquired fat injections.”


In a dis monitor released by Remy Ma, the rapper raps about Nicki’s butt “popping” whereby the lyrics go, “And I saw Meek at All-Star, the told me her a– dropped, the couldn’t f–k her for 3 months since your a– dropped,” she rapped. “Now i don’t think you’ll understand how bad her a– got, the implants the she had actually put in her a– popped.”

In support of the rap the attracts a many public scrutiny over Nicki’s butt, her ex-boyfriend Meek Mil liked an Instagram pic that showed Nicki Minaj’s accused dropping booty. Again, Dr. Miama tweeted come Nicki saying, “Too bad I’m booked till 2019.” these cited piece of evidence support the truth that Nicki has a butt augmentation.

The large “B” Botox

Nicki is recognized to store her personal life a secret. This speak you the she has never common the an enig behind she flawless babyface. Her face doesn’t match her almost 40 year’s period at all and also thus increasing the eyebrows ~ above the feasible use the Botox to tighten her confront skin while in ~ the exact same time eliminating any type of wrinkles and fine lines

Hip Surgery

Nicki Minaj is allegedly claimed to have actually hip surgical treatment in a bid to boost her curvaceous figure. The rapper who has actually 5’2” frame, is quite petite and has proportionately diluent legs 보다 the remainder of her body. It has been reported the Nicki Minaj might have transferred to the political parties of she hips in a bid acquire to no only obtain balance v junk in she trunk however to boost her curves together well.

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Teeth Surgery

Nicki Minaj is also rumored to have had actually some teeth surgical treatment to rise the appearance of her teeth. That is speculated the this cosmetics procedure took place back in 2010 after the relax of she debut “Pink Friday” album wherein she was spotted proud flashing she white this on the red carpet. According to keen observers, Nicki Minaj’s teeth seem whiter 보다 they were prior to 2010, a clear indication that she has had actually teeth surgery.

When go She execute Plastic Surgery?

Nicki is reported to have her first cosmetic procedure, a nose job to be details in 2009. In 2010 the “Anaconda rapper walk her this surgery. Nicki then went earlier under the knife doing several breast augmentations which is speculated to have taken place between 2010 and also 2017. Her target augmentation is likewise rumored to have actually been lugged out in between 2010 and also 2015. The rapper is claimed to have had her hip surgical procedure in 2016. In recent years, in between 2017 and 2019 is once Nicki Minaj is reported to have opted because that the huge “B”, Botox

Who take it Her with the Plastic Surgery?

The fact that Nicki Minaj has never come out publicly share the details of her alleged plastic surgery it goes there is no saying the it is also harder to find out who and also where the cosmetic actions were lugged out. However, we have a pointer from someone who tweeted Nicki declare to it is in the daughter of Nicki’s plastic surgeon. On tweeter someone under the tweeter account,