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For the most part, I can endure a wardrobe malfunction, disastrous breakup, or career flop in complete privacy. With the exemption of a couple of friends and relatives, no one"s yes, really all the interested in the inner operations of my personal life. However the very same can"t be said for celebs, who room a constant source that entertainment because that those the love to love them... And also love to hate them. When your every waking move is recorded in the gossip mags and scrutinized through the public, you"ve got to store some things to yourself. Also if that something is a piece of sentimental ink, or in other cases, a irreversible mistake. Whether they"re strategic around hiding the style or just into the small tat trend, this celebrities friend didn"t know had tattoos are totally surprising.

Bang Bang Tattoo artist and king that the celeb-approved micro tat Jon young told GQ its frequently these small, complex designs that carry the many weight:

People think since it’s a small tattoo, it’s no a actual tattoo, however some that the the smallest tattoos have actually the most meaning behind them. Ns go home feeling so drained and also exhausted. Ns feel like I carry the load of this clients and also what they’re walk through, even if it is they’re dealing with a death or every little thing it might be. The sticks come me.

1. Jennifer Aniston

Despite her marriage (and later divorce) from the thoroughly inked Justin Theroux, Jen surprised herself as soon as she got her first and only tattoo ago in 2011. After she beloved Welsh Corgie-Terrier passed, Aniston paid homage to she late pet by inking his name, Norman, on she foot. Speak to ET Canada, Jen opened up up about the loss and also her dedication, saying:

That’s mine dog, my infant who simply passed away. I never thought that would ever before happen. It’s just my means to pay homage come him … forever.

2. Lauren Conrad


3. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck"s sprawling earlier tattoo is hardly discreet, however given the level the actor"s gone to save it top top the DL, it"s certainly a surprise. As soon as photos very first surface of the actor"s new ink earlier in 2016, Affleck shot under rumors bordering the rising phoenix design. "Extra"s Mario Lopez. "I actually do have a variety of tattoos but I shot to have actually them in locations where you don"t need to do a most cover up. They acquire sort of addictive, tattoos, ~ awhile." completely believable, right? Wrong, since as it transforms out, the was reportedly lying. Rapid forward a couple of years, and the Batman star was spotted v it as soon as again. ~ the New Yorker published a item titled “The great Sadness of Ben Affleck" which note his distinctive ink, Affleck shot ago (and look at confirmed) the tattoo on twitter. "
NewYorker I"m doing simply fine. Special skin bolstered by garish tattoos." Still waiting for an explanation top top this one. 

4. Hailey Baldwin


Hailey Baldwin is hardly shy about showing off her fresh octopus on Instagram, but what could come together a shock, is the Baldwin isn"t the owner of just one or two tats, yet rather 19. The supermodel and also fiancée that Justin Bieber (!!!!) is a remarkable fan the celebrity tattoo artist Jon Boy, and also is regularly featured on his "gram sporting a brand-new design. "I think the really small dainty tattoos space very, like, they’re very pretty top top girls," she called The Cut. "I think now I’m going to chill the end for a 2nd on the tattoos since I’m running out of spots."

5. Kendall jenner


Blink and also you"ll miss out on it. Seriously. Complying with in the footsteps of she tatted BFF Hailey Baldwin, Kendall zener paid a visit to Jon young for a couple of teeny tiny designs, including her first: a little white dot. Yep. “To her, that the tiny things that matter," Jon boy revealed. "The white shade was because she didn’t want it to display with modeling and all that. It to be a funny night." She"s since included to the dot, transforming it into a complete heart ~ above her middle finger. “Even despite Kim constantly says, ‘Don’t put a bumper sticker top top a Bentley,’ ns really choose tattoos,” Jenner stated in a since-deleted short article to her app.

6. Zoe Saldana

Notoriously personal Saldana is all around keeping she ink top top lockdown, too. ~ copping come 10 tattoos while on David Letterman in 2014, the Guardians that the Galaxy actress admitted she"s "running out of private areas to placed them on." and also while Zoe and also her even-more-tatted hubby are fans of she body art, who in the family members is no so to crawl on the permanent designs. "My grandmother claims that ns look like a newspaper naked," she laughed. Follow to the New York day-to-day News, she collection has the word "heal" in Hebrew under her right breast.

7. Zac Efron

Despite the reality that everyone stopped using the ax YOLO a solid 3 years ago, Zac Efron is now and also forever sporting a tattoo the the "you just live once" acronym. The grammar was inked in tiny script on his hand back in its height years, AKA 2011, and also he was an initial spotted with the enhancement while on a press tour for New Year"s Eve. Honestly, don"t reference him because that flying under the radar with this one. Sorry, Z.

8. Reese Witherspoon

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Reese doesn"t yes, really strike me as the tattoo type, however lo and also behold, the girl"s got one. A big one. A bikini-clad Witherspoon was first seen in 2011 v some surprising ink. In ~ the time, a resource for Us Weekly revealed the the star architecture on her tummy was a couple of years old, yet the two nearby birds were an enhancement after she wed her previous agent and also current hubby, Jim Toth. "In some ways, sort of symbolized their brand-new life and also love together," the resource continued. "People consider Reese come be together an All-American sweetheart so the is more unexpected for she to have actually ink."

9. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling"s function in The Place past the Pines dubbed for a lot that tattoos, but the clean-cut star actually has a couple of permanent designs. It was reported in 2015 that the ultra-private household man had inked a dedication to his an initial born, Esmeralda, as soon as he was watched out with "ESME" on his knuckles. However without any further appearances, my guess that was much more of a long-term marker instance than an actually long-term thing. The actor does, however, have actually a few known pieces of human body art. "I like as soon as they look at bad, however no one will do negative tattoos," that told W Magazine in 2010. "So i did one myself. That’s why the bad. I’m wait to obtain old — ns think old men with tattoos look good."