Jonathan Toews is an ice cream hockey player at this time playing for the Chicago Blackhawks the the nationwide Hockey League.

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Dubbed as the “Captain Serious,” the Blackhawks picked Toews in the 3rd pick in the 2006 NHL Draft, he has been with the Chicago Blackhawks ever before since.

Quick Facts

Let’s look at some rapid facts around Jonathan Toews prior to moving into his life and also career details.

Full NameJonathan Bryan Toews
Birth DateApril 29, 1988
Birth PlaceWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Nick NameCaptain Serious
EducationThe college of south Dakota
Father’s NameBrian Toews
Mother’s NameAndrée Gilbert
Siblings1, David Toews
Age33 years Old
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Weight91 kg (201 lbs)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown
ProfessionHockey Player
Current TeamChicago Blackhawks
Active Years2007- present
Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendLindsey Vecchione
Salary$10 million every year (on an average)
Net Worth$26 million
Social MediaTwitter
NHL Draft3rd overall, 2006 Blackhawks
Amateur teamsNorth Dakota
MerchJersey, Signature, trading Card
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Jonathan Toews – at an early stage Life, acquiring Started & Family

Born to Brian Toews, an electrician in ~ the college of Manitoba, and Andrée Gilbert, the regulating director, and finance experienced for a credit transaction union in the Winnipeg region. She later retired come oversee the media connections of Toews.

Jonathan Toews v family and also girlfriend after ~ winning the Cup

Toews is a bilingual who speaks French and English fluently. He and his brother, David Toews, are both ice hockey players, and both play for the NFL.

Their cousin Kai Toews is a basketball player. The is safe to assume the the Toews room an strong bunch.

Jonathan Toews play in the Shattuck-Saint Mary’s in Fairbault, Minnesota, and later in the college of southern Dakota.

He play two seasons at University before he was drafted in the an initial draft of the NHL in the third pick of 2007.

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Jonathan Toews – expert Life, Chicago Blackhawks

Toews was selected in the 2006 NHL Entry draft in the third pick through the Chicago Blackhawks. The signed a three-year entry-level contract in 2007, and for that, he left the remaining two year in college.

Chicago Blackhawks

Jonathan Toews score his an initial goal in his first game against the san Jose Sharks. He likewise brilliantly score the second-longest point-scoring streak to begin an NHL career together he recorded each of his first ten games with 5 goals and also five assists.

Jonathan acquired his very first injury in the NHL in 2008 once he sprained his knee when playing against the Los Angeles Kings. That missed 16 games because of the injury.

Jonathan Toews for the Chicago Blackhawks

Despite playing really few games as result of the injury, Toews was the optimal scorer among the rookies and finished second in line just behind other rookie Patrick Kane.

Both of the players to be selected because that the Calder Memorial Trophy as NHL rookie that the year, and also eventually, Toews finished 2nd to Kane.

Looking in ~ his effective rookie year, the was named the Captain of the Blackhawks in 2008.

He was 20 years when the happened, therefore this made the the third-youngest team captain in NHL history, just behind Sidney Crosby and also Vincent Lecavalier. This document was later on surpassed.

Jonathan Toews about to gain on the ice

The complying with season, he became a starting and Kane and Brian Campbell because that the 2009 NHL All-Star game in Montreal, Quebec. He likewise helped the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup playoffs after 2002.

Career this decade

Since the beginning of the 2009-10 season, Toews received concussion-like symptoms because he to be on the receiving finish of the open up ice fight from defenceman Willie Mitchell of Vancouver Canucks.

Jonathan Toews through kids

He i agreeed to expand the contract v the Chicago Blackhawks for 5 seasons with $6.5 million annually. That season, Toews finished with 68 point out in 76 games.

Toews went on to record his career-high hattrick and two assists and led the Blackhawks to win the first-ever Stanley cup in the Franchise’s background since 1961 by winning versus the Philadelphia Flyers in Finals.

He became the second-youngest captain in NHL background to victory the Stanly Cup. He also won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the MVP that the playoffs.

Jonathan Toews “Captain Serious” through the Stanley Cup

When he winner the Stanley Cup, he also became the youngest captain in background to it is in a component of the Triple yellow Trophy, which is composed of Olympic gold, the Stanley Cup, human being Championship.

Toews narrowly missed play in the 2012 All-Star Game because of an injury incurred throughout a game with the Nashville Predators and hence to be replaced.

He went back to play at the playoffs and played brilliantly, scoring the overtime and also send Chicago back for video game 6, yet they at some point were got rid of from the playoffs.

Jonathan Toews with a Young Fan

Toews was ago in his top kind in 2013. Jonathan was active in helping the Blackhawks win the President’s Trophy by help his team have the finest regular-season records.

He was additionally named the top protective forward and was vested the frank J. Selke Trophy and named the NHL second All-Star Team.

International Performance

Toews captained Canada in 2005 for the world U-17 Hockey an obstacle and winner a yellow medal for the country by scoring the game-winning goal.

Jonathan Toews likewise played in Canada’s Juniors team in ~ the 2006 people Junior Championships.

Toews to be the youngest player on the team and helped the team victory yet again. He was selected and won the vain again in 2007. The earned a second-straightWorld Junior yellow medal.

Toews scored 3 times in the shootout to development to the final in the tournament semi-final versus the unified States.

Toews make his debut in the an elderly 2007 civilization Championship before even transforming professional.

Jonathan Toews for Canada

Jonathan Toews additionally played in the 2009 Winter Olympics because that Canada in Vancouver, british Columbia. His winning score in the overtime do the success of Canada versus the USA secure.

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Jonathan Toews – Awards, Honors, and Accolades

World U-17 Hockey ChallengeMVP—2005 people U-17 Hockey Challenge— 2005WCHARookie that the Week— double in 2005–2006NCAAWest regional MVP— 2006World JuniorAll-Star Team—2007Nominated because that theCalder Memorial Trophy—20085× NHL All-Star (2009,2011,2012*, 2015,2016*,2017) * –Did not attend due to injury/illness.All-Star an option of the2010 Olympic Hockey Tournament2010 Winter Olympics—Gold Medalist, finest Forward2010Conn Smythe TrophywinnerSecond-youngest to win theConn Smythe Trophy (22 years, 41 days); youngest captain to victory the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Jonathan Toews because that an Ad

One of only eight football player to victory Olympic gold and also the Stanley Cup in the very same year.2013Frank J. Selke Trophywinner2013NHL second All-Star Team2014 Winter Olympics—Gold Medalist2015Mark Messier management Awardwinner2015ESPY best NHL Player2016World Cup that Hockeygold medalNamed on 100 best NHL Players perform for NHL’s Centennial AnniversaryNHL 11cover athleteNHL 16 cover athlete2010, 2013, 2015 Stanley Cup Champion

Career Stats

How around taking a look in ~ his job stats in brief. Note: The data is extract from hockey


Not Affirmative with the decision taken by Blackhawks

Jonathan was no happy through Corey Crawford being enabled to leave and also Brandon Saad’s trade to Colorado Avalanche.

Jonathan Toews expresses disappointment toward his formation Blackhawks do insignificant changes to the team through appointing youngsters to your roster and also replacing an essential experts.

“I’ve never been educated that us were going v a rebuild. A many this comes together a shock. The is a much different direction 보다 we expected.” the Chicago captain called The Athletic.

Jonathan blindfolded by Blackhawks

Corey Crawford inked a two-year attend to the brand-new Jersey Devils as a totally free agent as he was offered $7.8 million contract ($3.9 million average annual value).

And concerning Saad, there is news that as a part of the financial work the Blackhawks preserved $1 million that his $6 million wages for the continuing to be years of his deal.

However, both were immensely talented players. Saad to be a two-time Stanley Cup winner v the Blackhawks (2013, 2015), was 3rd on Chicago v 21 purposes last season. Crawford likewise took the Cup in 2013 and 2015.

Retiring from Hockey

Well, there is a huge shocking breaking news coming up. Jonathan Toews has declared a full lifestyle readjust which influenced him to take retirement native hockey.

He commits to permanent involvement v the Kitchen ar program and looks to have actually it mounted in all schools and daycares throughout Chicago.

The news was revealed through ESPN’s April Foolington. Thus, Jonathan has actually not come up v a statement.

Jonathan Toews – an individual Life, network Worth

Let’s start with the younger days, what walk on in his an individual life, and dive into his personal romantic life (relationship).

Younger Days

Jonathan Toews is a young, hard-working man who keeps his personal life largely out of windy eyes. We carry out not have actually much insight into his personal life, however we know a few things we would like to share.

Standing high at 6ft 2 inches, this handsome ice hockey player has obtained into trouble through the law once or twice.

Along v his university of Dakota teammate, T.J Oshie, he obtained an alcohol-related citation for which castle plead guilty.

T.J Oshie and also Jonathan Toews in one old photo while in the university of southern Dakota

Both of lock were the end on probation and also were forced to complete specific hours of community service.

Another interesting incident including Toews occurred in the feather of 2010 when a huge mural portraying Toews with a weird-shaped nose and mouth posing v the Stanley Cup.

The insulting and also hideous mural to be visible indigenous Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago. It every turned out to it is in well, considering that he actually won the Stanley Cup later on that year.

Jonathan Toews for the Canadian national Team

Latest News about Jonathan

EA sporting activities selected the to it is in on the covering of their video clip game NHL 10 and also NHL 11 and his teammate Patrick Kane.

It was likewise the first time the two human being from the very same team to be featured top top the cover two years in a row.

The district of Manitoba chose to surname its north lake ~ Toews because that his tremendous efforts in sports and also to do his hometown proud. This lake is located 150 km north the Flin Flon and is named Toews Lake.

On the very same day, as he was honored through the lake name, the ar where he played hockey, the Dakota Community center was renamed the Jonathan Toews Community facility in his honor.

Jonathan Toews was likewise given the keys to the City together an honor to his success in sports and also his commendable work-related ethic.

Engaged come his girl friend or not?

There isn’t lot news around his personal life, however Jonathan Toews has been seen on many occasions v his girlfriend lindsay Vecchione, that is a model.

There to be hearsays that the couple getting engaged to one an additional but climate seems prefer it was every a fallacy. Clearing the air, they space not however engaged but madly in love through each other.

They initiated see each other in 2012 and also have been with each other for about 9 years. Almost a decade!

Brother, David Toews

Just choose his elder brother, Jonathan, Devon is likewise an ice hockey player. He to be hired by the new York Islanders in the 3rd round with the 66th all at once pick in the 2008 NHL entry draft.

Just popping right into his skilled career, David to be ranked 79th among North American skaters by the NHL main Scouting Bureau. He has played for AHL, Rockford Icehogs, ECHL, Toledo Walleye, Bakersfield Condors, Idaho Steelheads, Utah Grizzlies.

And in 2013, the cracked a contract with the analysis Royals. Talking around his international plays, David allied v Hockey Canada together a member of the nationwide under-18 team.

David was named to the roster because that the2007 Ivan Hlinka Memorial competition on respectable 8, 2007. There is also an interesting story about him while he was busy through making his mateur career.

At Shattuck-Saint Mary, David through his teammate Kelsey Tessier left the team and also school after being dismissed because that cheating. Actually, he had actually to show up for a Chemistry and also just prior to that he obtained a notebook that had accurate answers.

While providing the exam, David was every worried about running out of time when led the to compose word-for-word answers. Moving further his professor i found it the similarities in between Davids’ answers and also those of the old test.

And henceforth, David obtained suspended and also moved come Superior,Coloradoto play for the Colorado Outlaws midget “AAA” team the theMidwest upstream Hockey League.

Jonathan’s Earnings

With the success the Jonathan has completed along through the reputation he has actually reached, the has become a wealthy man with an approximated net precious of $26 million.

Jonathan Toews – FAQs

Does Jonathan Toews have social media?

Jonathan Toews is just on Twitter.

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Is Devon Toews regarded Jonathan Toews?

No, Devon is not regarded Jonathan. Just the surname is in common and yes, of course the profession.