Does Jen really dice in among the hidden?

Jen goes v forty various other shadow kids to the rally. They space all shoot dead at the president’s house, along with Jen. Jen’s death is later told come Luke by her step-dad, and also her storage serves as inspiration for Luke to continue trying.

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How did Luke acquire into Jen’s house?

Jen’s father calms down and tells Luke that when he logged right into the conversation room, a notice was sent out to the population Police. They’ll start browsing every residence nearby. Jen’s father states he can get Luke a fake ID that will allow him come live a common life; he have the right to do this due to the fact that he functions for the population Police.

What dominion did Luke have to follow in order to walk approximately the house?

What dominion did Luke need to follow in order come walk roughly the house? due to the fact that of the heating costs.

What does Luke look prefer in amongst the hidden?

Luke Garner- he is a twelve year-old boy through pale skin and also a breakable looking body. He spends his life hiding because he is the 3rd and forbidden child in the Garner family. He might be viewed as a “mama’s boy” because he likes the attention she offers him and seeks she comfort.

Who is the girl in amongst the hidden?

Jen Talbot

Is the population Police real?

The populace Police obtrude the government’s population Law, death or imprisoning “shadow children,” any type of child born ~ his or her first two siblings. In some cases, a parental may select to create a child’s identification map so a zero child can live a common life.

What is the punishment because that disobeying the populace Law in amongst the hidden?

What room the Punishments for Disobeying the regulation in China? You deserve to have approximately two children in the book amongst the Hidden because of food shortages. You acquire fined, punished, girlfriend don’t gain “hukos” or cards that present you room a human.

Who is the antagonist in amongst the hidden?


What grade level is amongst the hidden?

Among the covert (Shadow Children book 1)

Interest LevelReading LevelATOS
Grades 4 – 8Grades 3 – 124.8

What wake up in among the hidden?

At the finish of the story, Luke obtains the new identity and moves away from his household to start a brand-new life as Lee Grant. Lee provide was native a well-off background, and also his parental donated his identity, after his unfortunate death from a skiing accident, to assist human being like Luke.

What period is among the hidden for?

The plot advance is sometimes implausible and the characterizations space a bit brittle, however the unsettling, thought-provoking premise should suffice to store readers hooked. Ages 8-12.

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How numerous AR points is among the hidden?


Who composed the book among the hidden?

Margaret Peterson Haddix

What new discovery in his room in the attic make Luke so excited?

The brand-new discovery in Luke’s room, that made him so excited was, the vents.

What does mark yell as soon as he knocks ~ above Luke’s bedroom door?

What does mark yell once he knocks ~ above Luke’s bedroom door? open up! populace police!