Derek Jeter provided to have a call of a Lovelace, who dated the most beautiful females in the world, such as Mariah Carey, Vanessa Minnillo, Minka Kelly etc. But he interrupted all his flirts and also love affairs, once he met the beautiful version Hannah Davis.

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Hannah, who readjusted her surname because that Jeter after the wedding, is 16 year younger 보다 her husband. Before her marriage to a baseball God she was making career of a model.

Hannah flourished up in the family members of Conn and also Debi Davis. Except for Hannah, her parents had a daughter and also a son.

The future Mrs. Jeter invested her young year in Saint cutting board (Virgin Islands). The girl took pleasure in warm summer weather practically all year round. Gift a actual beach babe, she desired sports clothes style. Even now Hannah feeling much better in flippers, shorts and also a T shirt than in high-heeled shoes and an evening gown.

She began modeling at the period of 14, and from that minute each her day was busy. The young beauty, beauty posed because that Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria’s Secret. She was the face of the fragrance Ralph Rocks and graced on covers of the most famous fashion magazines, favor “Elle” and “FHM”.

Hannah career optimal took location in 2015. Climate she featured on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” (Swimsuit edition).

In 2012 Hannah started dating a baseball star Derek Jeter. Lock met with a typical friend, as soon as Hannah visited new York v her mother. During three year they were affiliated into on and also off affair. Finally, in November 2015 Derek propose his loved one. He gave Hannah one engagement ring with a huge diamond.

They wedded top top July 9, 2016. The ceremony was arranged at Napa Valley, CA. A beautiful bride wore Vera Wang wedding dress. Although the status of Derek Jeter mam made Hannah both, rich and popular, she proceeds working. The mrs hosts “Project Runway: Junior” series. In summer, 2017 Hannah and also Derek welcomed their an initial kid.

Derek Jeter kids

Bella Raine Jeter (daughter v Hannah Jeter)

Date of birth: august 17, 2017

In spite of her young age, the girl had already appeared in former of the cameras. Her mommy was on the very first month of her pregnancy, once she posed because that Sports shown for the 5th time. In fact, Davis-Jeter didn’t know about her pregnancy then.

The woman shared her infant news because that the first time in her article, which she all set for “The Players’ Tribune”. In the short essay Hannah said the details of she love story with Derek Jeter and dedicated sweet soft words to her husband, who had already retired native baseball to that moment. “We are expecting our very first child and are looking right into the future”, the model wrote. In addition, she feel pity, that Derek and also her youngsters wouldn’t view their father play on the field.

Bella Raine Jeter lives with she parents in their Miami mansion. Her mother and also father spend a many time through her, feeding the kid from the bottle and changing diapers. Formerly Hannah told that Derek and she room planning to have three children.

Story Grey Jeter (daughter with Hannah Jeter)

Date of birth: January 31, 2019

In so late January, 2019 Hannah and also Derek’s family ended up being a tiny bigger. They invited the baby Number two – a cute girl, who they called Story Grey. Now happy parents try to save their little angel the end of limelight.

Who space Derek Jeter parents?

Sanderson Charles Jeter (father)


Dr. Charles Jeter made job in an additional area, nonetheless he had constantly been really athletic and inspired his boy to practice sports too. However he earn his living, making use of his mental abilities, not his physical ones.

Charles moved his family members from Milford, NJ come Kalamazoo, MI, due to the fact that he wanted to proceed his education at western Michigan University. There he obtained doctorate degree in sociology and also found a task of alcohol and drug counselor in Kalamazoo.

Playing sports games in the new air to be a common kind of to chat in Jeter’s family. Quickly Derek dropped in love through baseball, and his dad understood, the teenager plans to do this game the main service in his life. That played through his boy for hrs on heat days and gave him important advice to construct his play skills.

Currently Charles is a pensioner, however he stays active. He serves as the board member in ~ his son’s charity company “Turn 2 Foundation”, i beg your pardon is aimed to assistance young talented people

Dorothy Jeter (mother)


Dorothy Connors Jeter is a mommy of two kids and wife the Dr. Charles Jeter. Dorothy met her husband in Germany, when both were functioning in the army. The couple started dating despite the truth they belonged to different races – Charles is african American and also his wife is of irish ancestry. At that time inter-racial marital relationships were forbidden in some of the states. That’s why Dorothy and Charles checked out Tennessee to tie a knot.

They resolved in Kalamazoo, MI. Dorothy earned she living together an accountant. She was yes, really busy, but always found time for she son and daughter. She do Derek and also his sister Sharlee sign the deal, according to i beg your pardon they had to get an excellent marks at school and fulfill the crucial family duties.

Dorothy supported her son’s attention in baseball. She to be a constant guest and also Derek’s matches. The baseball star knew his mother’s eyes were city hall him during the game. And also he spent 100% the his energy on the field to you re welcome her.

Derek Jeter siblings

Sharlee Jeter (sister)


Date the birth: 1979

Sharlee Jeter is the 2nd kid in Dorothy and also Charles Jeter family. She is 5 year younger 보다 her famous brother. The girl was educated in ~ Kalamazoo central High School. Over there she was an excellent in sporting activities too and was a member that a college sports team. She parents tried come visit each she competition. After graduation she gotten in Atlanta’s Spelman College. The girl was diagnosed through cancer on her last year in ~ college. Yet she controlled to cope v a disease.

Sharlee is still close with previous Yankee captain and her brothers Derek Jeter. The mrs is currently single. She formerly dated a rapper Skyzoo and was going to marry him, but the couple separated. In 2012 Sharlee provided a bear to a boy Jalen. She didn’t tell, that was the kid’s father, and also lots that rumors showed up around the mystery. According to one of the versions, Jalen is the child of a rapper Skyzoo.

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Being the sister the a celebrity, Sharlee make the efforts to store her personal life in secret. But she is constantly ready to publicize the career achievements. Derek’s sister serves together the president of turn 2 Foundation. In addition, she is a talented writer. Not long back she released a book “Stuff”. Jeter co-wrote a book with emergency doctor Sampson Davis, who offered the woman to investigate the within strength, i m sorry catapults civilization to stardom through life tragedies.