just how to usage plugs indigenous Canada in United says of America

Plugs, sockets, adapters and also other info needed because that travelling native Canada come United states of America in this page. If you desire a report for various other countries, re-start the wizard to find to electrical adapters for your pilgrimage here.

fast Chart at-a-glance

Canada United says of America
Voltage: 120V. 120V.
Plugs Type: A, B. A, B.
Hertz: 60Hz. 60Hz.

If you are electric savvy, maybe the previous chart is all you need. If this is no the case, you can proceed reading and discover what the chart is saying!

Plugs and also Sockets in ~ each nation

In Canada the adhering to plugs are used: (includes Ottawa, Vancouver, Montréal, Toronto, Québec, Calgary, Halifax.)

Plug form APlug type B
Outlet form AOutlet type B

... And in United states of America you will use: (includes Washington, new York, las Vegas, Disneyland, Los Angeles, Chicago.)

Plug kind APlug type B
Outlet kind AOutlet form B



Exact voltage

Perfect! This is an extremely good! You will certainly not need any sort of voltage adapter (they are constantly big, heavy and they can"t take care of too lot energy. I.e. Could have problems with hairdryers). You can plug your gadgets to the electric network grid in United says of America without requiring a voltage adapter.

Plugs type

Same connectors

right situation, every the connectors provided in Canada are likewise used in United states of America. You will certainly not need any kind of adapter (but please check voltages and the various other sections the this report). Congratulations!!!!


perform of adapters you can use in her travel:

Adapter: generic

This adapter permits you to usage plugs type: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N into outlets type: B.

Adapters you deserve to buy

You can buy the complying with multi-purpose adapters indigenous Amazon.

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