Bob Harper is an American personal trainer and author. He shows up as among the trainers on The greatest Loser, a competition reality show which features obese or overweight participants, contending to win the cash prize by shedding the biggest percentage of load in comparison to your weight at the time of joining.

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Quick Information

Date of Birth Aug 18, 1965Age 56 Years, 2 MonthsNationality AmericanProfession personal TrainerMarital Status DatingDivorced/Engaged no YetBoyfriend/Dating Anton GutierrezGay/Lesbain GayEthnicity WhiteNet Worth $4 MillionChildren/Kids not YetHeight 5 ft 11.5 in (181.6 cm)Education Austin Peay State University
Bob Harper is an American personal trainer and author. He shows up as one of the trainers top top The biggest Loser, a competition reality present which features obese or overweight participants, contending to victory the cash compensation by losing the biggest percentage of load in to compare to your weight at the time of joining. He started his fact television journey through the show in 2004, also performing ~ above the an initial three seasons of the series"s Australian version.

Bob Harper"s Age, family members Background

Bob Harper to be born "Robert L. Harper" on 18 august 1965 in Nashville, Tennessee, the unified States.His family had a strong history of love disease. His father and mother were diagnosed v one prior to the age of fifty and sixty, respectively. Ten years later, in ~ the age of seventy, his mother died from a heart attack. His grandfather additionally died that heart condition and cholesterol, despite all the exercises. Peek into The Life Of various other "The greatest Loser" Trainer: Dolvett Quince Bio: Age, Wife, Married info Amid gay RumorsFollowing the family members trend, Bob additionally suffered a near-fatal heart strike at the age of 52. However, that recovered from it and also decided on transforming the "life-changing experience" right into a positive one by coming to be an advocate for heart attack victims and also survivors.

Coming out Gay

Bob Harper come out as gay come his household when he was seventeen. However, he determined to keep it a secret from the general public until a 2013 illustration of The biggest Loser to assist encourage then-contestant Bobby Saleem, that was fighting to disclose his sex-related orientation come his father.

Engaged: Boyfriend!

Bob Harper got involved to his long-time boyfriend, Anton Gutierrez, top top 28 June 2019.He took come his Instagram, and gave the glimpses of their matching gold panther rings, both of castle wearing lock both on left ring fingers.More Of truth TV World: Chris Pfaff Bio: native Wife, girlfriend To net Worth | every RevealedA few days later, the duo spent the weekend celebrating the LGBTQ+ community by soaking up 2019"s pride Month festivities in brand-new York City. Bob Harper and also his fiance, Anton Giuiterrez ~ above 14 February 2020 (Photo: Bob Harper"s Instagram)Bob and also Anton, who began dating due to the fact that at least 2016, to be last seen together in society media top top Valentine"s job 2020.

More facts On Bob Harper

According to Celebrity net Worth, he has actually a net worth approximated at $4 million.He got the fitness/instructor certifications indigenous American Fitness cultivate of Athletics and the Aerobic and also Fitness combination of America.

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The new Celebrity Apprentice advisor attended Austin Peay State college in Clarksville, Tennessee, the united States.He is an official member of the AFTA training club.Besides enjoying his workouts, that loves snowboarding, tennis, cycling, running, and photography.Bob, a former vegetarian rotate vegan because that a year in 2010, believing that the plant-based diet made him feel clear-headed and also strong, every the while preserving his genetically high cholesterol. The same year, he was voted “sexiest male vegetarian the the year” by PETA.
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