Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman buys wife Beth breast implants for her 60thbirthday leaving a comment

Not satisfied through the currently humungous headlights the his mam Beth to be endowed with, Dog purchase the dazzling huge breasted blonde boob implants. It to be his gift to his beloved mam on her 60th birthday. The occupational was excellent in Hollywood at the reputation “Lipchitz, Dorfman, Goldenberg and also Silverstein Cosmetic surgical treatment Center’. Beth to be under the knife because that 2 hours and also was in great shape as soon as driven residence by Dog later on that same afternoon.

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Dog to be quoted together saying” mmmmmmm Boobies”. The Paparazzi witnessed Dog and Beth avoiding at the Viagra wholesale factory in Burbank top top their way home. Jug-a-lug time at the Chapman house!

Dog and Beth


Beth ~ the boob enlargement surgery




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